The REAL Dad Hat

What is a dad hat? Type this query in the Google search bar and you get a simple answer from, a magazine that focuses on fashion, beauty, health, and entertainment: Simply put, a baseball cap. But not a snapback, flatbrim, or fitted. A dad hat is a baseball cap that's canvas or cotton and … Continue reading The REAL Dad Hat


Dream Big: Losing Teeth

Nolan was hopeful the value of losing his first tooth was equal to a real bounce house. The disappointment - not seen in this smile - he must've felt when he woke up - at 4:45am (!!) - only to realize all the Tooth Fairy left him was $1.41, two toothbrushes, and a tube of … Continue reading Dream Big: Losing Teeth

Why third-row seating is a MUST as a parent

Sponsored Post Buying a car is hard, plain and simple. But pulling the trigger on which one to ultimately go with is a real pain and a cause for a lot of stress. Everyone's checklist of what they need varies, so there's really no definitive car buying book - it's based on your family and … Continue reading Why third-row seating is a MUST as a parent

Halloween hand-me-down

Just a random Halloween post I did last year about the ridiculous prices some people pay for a costume. Enjoy…your kids candy!

Home-Field Dad

It’s October and that means we’re really close to the time of year every parent steals from his or her children. Yes, of course it’s Halloween! Kids don’t really need fifteen pounds of candy, do they? They don’t even know that the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup, no matter the size, is the best candy they’ll eat (or not eat). But it’s more than candy…there’s adorable and annoying costumes!

There’s two types of parents on Halloween:

  1. Those who cater to their child’s every want and whim when it comes to Halloween, dropping big money on a costume they’ll wear for one night and probably not even get a thank you for. Like this stupid Child Clock Costume … the kid wearing it looks freaking miserable and/or thinks he’s too cool … in an $80 costume.
  2. Those whose kids are too young to form opinions and will wear what we decide because their…

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“Lose yourself” in the moment

Lately, Nolan has been saying he's afraid of certain things, certain unknowns - asking the substitute school librarian for an "I Spy" book because they don't know one another, attending to his first ever dance class, and apparently nightmares where monsters are chasing him. Seems like rational fear. As I drove him to dance class … Continue reading “Lose yourself” in the moment

Saturday Mourning: Rest Easy, Nate

Dogs really do bless our lives and Nate was certainly a blessing despite sometime driving us nuts. RIP Nate, you were such a sweet, gentle, and handsome dog. You will be missed.

Britax ClickTight Technology is the real MVP

If you're in the market for a new convertible car seat, look no further than the Britax Marathon ClickTight. I'm not kidding when I tell you the ClickTight technology is the best thing to happen to car seats since, well, the kids you put in them. #therealMVP

7 Things Your Kids Will Bring Home From School

If you're reading this, you probably have kids, have had kids, or just have nothing better to do. As is the case for two of the three, back to school time brings about a plethora of emotions: excitement, anxiety, anticipation, fear, among countless others. Sometimes they bring their emotions home with them, or is the … Continue reading 7 Things Your Kids Will Bring Home From School

Holy #HASCON, Hasbro!

I just flipped through all the pictures and videos I took during our 8+ hours at the first-ever HASCON yesterday for like the fourth time today - twice with Nolan, once with Graham, and once by myself. It didn't matter who it was with, we were all smiling and/or laughing remembering the amount of fun … Continue reading Holy #HASCON, Hasbro!

Headed to HASCON!

Battleship. Candy Land. G.I. Joe. Jenga. Marvel. Mister Potato Head. Nerf. Play-Doh. Sesame Street. Trolls. Besides every one of these things being part of my childhood and/or my kids' childhood, what's the common denominator? Hasbro! And Nolan, Graham, and I were lucky enough to receive free credentials to attend #HASCON this weekend in Providence, RI, … Continue reading Headed to HASCON!