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When you can’t even bribe your 2yo to pee on the potty but know he’s got A+ aim

There are tons of potty training memes out there, but none capture it so perfectly as Brian Gordon at Fowl Language Comics. We've still got two in diapers, for the record. So we gave the two littler guys a bath and allowed Graham a bit of free reign by letting him cruise around sans diaper until [...]

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Cork Board, Superheroes, and Crossing the Road

I'm not a superhero fan, have read maybe a handful of comic books in my life, and had never seen a superhero movie in its entirety until The Lego Batman Movie last weekend. I've never eaten a Trader Joe's brownie. I also have never thought more than looking both ways before crossing the road. Enter [...]

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Product Review: lalabu’s Dad Shirt

Sometimes The majority of the time, the most convenient way to bond/shop/walk with your children is to wear them. Especially if you have another child or two along with you It doesn't claim to be a hands-free carrier (I'd call it a hand-free carrier) but the Dad Shirt by lalabu is in a class all by itself. Pretend you're [...]

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Tomato soup that your 5yo will begrudgingly try after 20 minutes of complaining

Yep, this new "rule" we've implemented about trying one new food every night at dinner is going over swimmingly. And by swimmingly, well, just look at the title. Linds, Austin, and I thought the soup was great, a great accompaniment to the Muenster and Colby Jack grilled cheese that went with it. As expected, the [...]

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Roundtable Review: Dust Off Your DSLR

Sure, your wedding photographer and/or the Google has the answer to just about any question you have, but sometimes, just sometimes, you travel 2,500 miles to surround yourself with inspirational dads you've only ever met on Facebook bloggers groups, Instagram, and the like. One of those aforementioned dads is Pat Jacobs. I sat in on his [...]

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Thanks, Dad 2.0 Summit

It's a few days post-Dad 2.0 Summit, which was my first conference of any kind non-baseball related, in sunny San Diego, and I am still having a tough time putting it all together. Doug French, co-founder and a man whose voice should grace every audio book ever recorded, a man who I never formally introduced [...]

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Southwest Airlines, FTW!

As most of you probably know, I blog. As most of you probably don't know, I'm headed out to San Diego for the Dad 2.0 Summit. There's a snowstorm coming our way, looking like it'll hit Thursday morning. I was scheduled to fly out at 5:45am but with the storm's heaviest snow scheduled for between [...]