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Beer Review: Wachusett Brewing Co. Blueberry Ale

Brewery: Wachusett Brewing Co.,, Westminster, MA Beer: Blueberry Ale Style: Fruit Beer ABV: 4.5% Availability: year-round Brewer's Notes: "This ale defines the style. A slight aroma of blueberry, balanced by a delicious flavor that gets fermented into this wheat ale." Beer Dope Review: You get the blueberry aroma as soon as you pop the cap… Continue reading Beer Review: Wachusett Brewing Co. Blueberry Ale

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Beer Review: Black Hog Brewing Co. Granola Brown Ale

Black Hog Brewing Co.'s Granola Brown Ale - my favorite beer and the first one I'm going to review.

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New Menu Item: Beer

I'm doing beer reviews now. Because sometimes at the end of the day, I drink beer. And think I know what the hell I'm talking about. Enjoy.

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A child’s (and parents) range of emotions

He was stoked to get there...then realized he missed us terribly...but once the sun comes back up, he'll be living the dream. Nolan's off to Martha's Vineyard to spend a few days by himself before the rest of our crew joins him next Wednesday.

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Summer Vacationing

This is the first summer where all three boys can partake in the enjoyment of a family vacation, and it's been AWESOME! We planned three week-long trips over the course of three months - one trip a month - and after summer vacationing is complete, Nolan begins first grade while Graham will embark on his… Continue reading Summer Vacationing

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Fatherhood: flashbacks, the feels, the future

Three boys. One amazingly creative, artistic, sensitive, imaginative 6-year-old school-aged son (Nolan). One carefree, caring, always-smiling, rambunctious 3-year-old preschooler (Graham). One ever-hungry, fearless, happy-go-lucky 1-year-old toddler (Austin). There's no more babies here, but really, aren't they always our babies? And since that was clearly a rhetorical question, #ThanksBaby. Thank you Nolan, for making me a… Continue reading Fatherhood: flashbacks, the feels, the future

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Celebrate National Potty Training Awareness Month (June) by winning this sweet potty training trio courtesy of BABYBJÖRN!

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Battleship: more than just a game

Nolan recently received Battleship as a gift for his 6th birthday and despite thoroughly enjoying it the one time he's played it, he hasn't played it again. Yet. But watching a six-year-old play this game (quite terribly at times), it struck me as more than a game. It was the first time I'd seen the game being… Continue reading Battleship: more than just a game

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Death to the Goody Bag

The planning, lead-up, and execution of a kid's birthday party. It's enjoyable stress, if that's a thing. It's now Friday and Nolan's party is tomorrow, so I'm writing this is advance of the actual party, but they've got our money, so it's happening. Every party begins with where it'll be - at home or at a venue. And… Continue reading Death to the Goody Bag