Touch ’em All #1

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Before I jump in to ‘Touch ’em All‘ I want to explain what my plan (loosely defined) is. I’ll attempt–once a week, maybe more–to discuss a hot topics from any four sports that happen to take place in the good old USA. Just a quick few lines on something that interests me and maybe even you.

  • MLB – I mean I just posted about this not ten minutes ago but Mariano Rivera stole the show as a setup man during last night’s All-Star Game. The future Hall of Fame closer mowed down Jean Segura (4-3), Allen Craig (L7) and Carlos Gomez (6-3) in the eighth inning following a standing ovation from a sold out CitiField.
  • NHLYahoo! Sports is reporting that after two seasons in the front office for the league, Rob Blake will rejoin the Los Angeles Kings as the new assistant GM. Blake was a great defenseman in Los Angeles, Colorado and San Jose for 20 seasons before retiring. He finished his career with 1270 games played, 240 goals, 537 assists and over 1600 penalty minutes. And his wife is pretty good looking.
  • NFL – My beloved Oakland Raiders are thinking about a new stadium to replace the Coliseum. It’d seat 50,000 and cost in the ballpark of $800 million. How about you start winning first?!? The stadium has nothing to do with how you play on Sunday. I’ve been a long-suffering Raiders fan since I was a kid and I certainly hope Nolan picks a team at random, just as I did, and sticks with them, just as I have. For his sake, let’s hope his team makes more news on the field than off of it.
  • NCAA Football – The Johnny Manziel Saga continues. He bowed out of a QB camp, big deal. Maybe he was sick. I have no interest. He’s a 20-year-old college kid who’s having the time of his life. It’s not like he’s going out shooting people like other not-to-be-named football players.

This heat wave is in full effect and following Nolan’s nap–he’s going on two hours now–we’ll probably head to the pond to cool off a bit, which may turn into a post about parenting later on complete with some photo evidence that I am, indeed, a great father.

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