Gibberish, Hoops and Heat


First things first–this heat wave in Connecticut isn’t as bad as people are making it out to be. I mean sure it’s been 90°-to-97° for the past four days but it sure hasn’t felt that hot. Today is a different animal with the heat and humidity both off-the-charts, I had to do something totally uncalled for and out of the norm–turn on the air conditioning. GASP! Nolan is off napping in his room which, oddly enough, seems to be the hottest room in the house in summer and warmest in the winter. At least he’s comfortable for half the year, right? (kidding, we have fans and windows in there to air it out when it’s hot, what do you think I am, a monster?) I turned the air to–are you ready for this–78°! I know, living on the edge. I just wanted it to feel cooler and take some of the humidity and stickiness out of the house.

Yesterday we went over to the park and found ourselves on an island in the middle of a slow-moving brook and Nolan loved it. I did too. It was hot outside, the water was actually pretty warm as well and it gave Nolan a chance to wade in the waist-deep water for an hour or so.

Despite the overbearing heat, Nolan insisted on “ooting hoops” all morning so we did just that. Truth be told, he’s really helping me improve my jumper because every time he makes one, he tells me to make five. The bugs are pretty terrible early in the morning and later on in the afternoon out in the driveway, so it’s at least tolerable–until I start sweating. Then all I hear is buzzing around my ears. And when I’ve had enough, all it takes is me to say, “Too many bugs.” Nolan repeats after me and makes a run to the door–deep down, he must be a city boy like his daddy.

Speaking of him repeating what I say about the bugs, Lindsay and I have also noticed that Nolan is talking at a ridiculous clip. The unit just repeats everything and points out things we don’t even notice (like t


he moon in the sky during the day or ants on the ground). I’m glad he’s improving his vocabulary every single day because there was a point when we honestly thought something was wrong with him because he barely muttered anything. He’s knows a lot of animals, colors, numbers, sports–it truly is amazing how much he picks up on every day.

While he naps, I’m gonna enjoy some the Open Championship on ESPN. Speaking of ESPN, how did the Miami Heat win the fan vote for “Best Team” at the ESPY’s last night? Didn’t all their so-called fans leave early because they thought they were going to lose? Unbelievable. Oh, and they had a countdown to Tiger Woods’ first tee shot, which he promptly shanked into the trees and tall hay.

Iced coffee time!

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