The Weekender


After a long and grueling week of heat, heat and more heat, it’s looking like a little reprieve this weekend. Temperatures aren’t supposed to be in the 90’s and the humidity is looking like it’ll ease a little.

What’s on tap for the weekend? Some might be interested while others (most) probably can care less. I’ll tell you anyway.


My parents are coming up tomorrow morning because Lindsay and I have a color run in East Hartford at Rentschler Field put on by the good folks at Run or Dye. My parents will be responsible for Nolan while Lindsay and I get color packets thrown at us creating a rainbow of colors on whatever apparel I wind up wearing. I might actually die but Lindsay should be just fine–she actually just started training for her second half-marathon. It’s in September so she’s a long way off, but 13.1 miles is nothing to take lightly.

I’ll stick to the 3-mile races–at least I think this is a 3-mile run. I’m a (former) athlete, so I can will my way to the finish line. Right?


What are Sunday’s great for? Relaxing. Problem is, with Nolan, there is very little, if any, time to relax. He’s been waking up very early this week–like 5:50 am to 6:08 am–which is out of the norm. He usually sleeps until at least 6:30 am and if you have a child, you know how important those extra 20 minutes are.

Fortunately, he loves the supermarket and can really care less about those gigantic, hard-to-maneuver car-wagons, so shopping is relatively easy. If the storms hold off–I’m not even there are storms in the forecast–we’ll probably head over to the park to let him tire himself out. Linds will take care of the laundry and then dinner and finally time to relax. Exciting, I know.

Anyone have anything planned, now that I’ve completely bored you with our plans?

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