You Know You’re a Parent When…

…after a Friday night that consisted of a dinner, an outdoors concert, drinks and some more drinks, you’re still not fully recovered at 7:56 pm on Sunday evening.

Today was a nice relaxing day, as I stated in my previous post and it was much needed. Nolan had a great time towards the end of the day, watching the Yankees win with a walkoff win over the Tampa Bay Rays thanks to an old favorite of mine, Alfonso Soriano, then with school time before finally heading over to the local ice cream shoppe/animal petting zoo for a great end to a fantastic weekend (ice cream first then we let Nolan feed the animals (billy goats, sheep, llamas, alpacas, cows).

I just got finished putting my laundry away–Lindsay doles it out, I just put mine away. Lindsay is watching The Bachelorette upstairs on DVR thus allowing me some time to type out a short post.

It’s looking like another early night. After all, I did stay out until 2:30 am on Friday night beasting the New York City nightlife scene.

Oh, and Derek Jeter is a boss.

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