RIP Duncan


My parents had to put down Duncan tonight, the dachshund who replaced me when I went away to college 13 years ago. He was a great dog whose dementia worsened over the past several months. He’d walk in circles for an hour or so without once resting. He’d get trapped in corners, under chairs, facing the wall. He fell in the pond out back several times as well–it was just sad. He was a great dog who had big shoes to fill (mine) but he did so swimmingly.

He was suffering and I’m glad he’s finally at peace. He was 13–or 68 in dog years (I’m still not quite sure how they figure that one out).

RIP Dunc. You were one hell of a dog.

2 thoughts on “RIP Duncan

  1. You’re irreplaceable Ryan. Duncan just filled a big void when you left. He was so handsome just like you!! Love you both – you more!! Mom

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