Bedtime Routine


Nolan was ready for a nap. Problem is, it’s 7:30 at night at he thinks he’s going for a nap. He sleeps through the night, so I’ll let it slide. He’s currently asleep upstairs while Lindsay is out running three miles and I sit here with baseball on in the background pecking away at the keyboard. Which brings me to the point of this post–bedtime routine.

We head upstairs with Nolan at 7:00 pm to start drawing a bath. He gets in no problem. As a matter of fact, he enjoys going in the water. He splashes (us) but shrieks when we try to wash his hair. Two on one dude, we win. He finishes bathtime and dries off. Right on. We then head into his room where it’s mandatory to pile on 10 aden + anais blankets on him while he sits on his lamb couch in the corner of the room (I apologize for not having any pictures). We cap off the blanketing by tossing him his pillow.

Now the fun part begins.

He needs to get his step stool and put it in front of the crib. He then has us toss each blanket, one by one, to him so he can throw it in the crib from the step stool–all while feverishly laughing. When the blankets are all in, it’s time for the pillow. Then I take a blanket out, head to his door, and he counts up to three and we take off, like a human rocket, into his crib. Red monkey and a stress-type hockey puck await him on his pillow. Occasionally, he’ll have a near-breakdown because he wants his socks on, but when he says it, it sounds more like a part of the male anatomy.

We then say “see ya” or “goodnight” or “bye bye,” which he’ll repeat, and we walk out. Mission accomplished.

Now the question I have is not whether or not this is normal behavior displayed by both parent and child. I question whether or not this is a better routine than the one we had seven months ago. We’d have to lay in his room with him, wait for him to fall asleep, and then left. He would hear every creak in the floorboards and spring up. He’d hear my old knees crack and stand up. He heard everything. It was not normal.

Eventually, we just stopped staying in there and walked out, which he was fine with as well. Now that I’m thinking about it, I think we’re the ones who invented this new debacle called a bedtime routine.

Nice job.

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