Cue the Breakdown: The Forgotten Trigger

photo (4)

At dinner, Nolan wanted his water but alas, there were no ice cubes in it. To my surprise, he allowed me to put two cubes in his cup. Progress.

Then we headed up to give him a bath. His hair got wet, he freaked out, so I just kept dipping my hands in the water and pretending I was interested in touching his hair. Mission accomplished.

We went through the bedtime routine without a hitch until we “forgot” to put his socks on. He reminded us before we were out the door. He won that one.

After experiencing all three triggers within a span of 45 minutes, I knew there was one more trigger for Nolan–his shoes. When we go outside, he has to get his own shoes despite not being able to put them on himself. (Actually, he’s gotten a lot better with this recently.) If I head for the door with his shoes in tow, he let’s out a screeching, “Noooooo daddy!” I immediately turn around and put them back in the washroom where we keep them. He runs, get them and everyone is happy.

Carry on.

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