Cue the Breakdown


Every kid is prone to a breakdown now and then and Nolan is no different. I try to pay attention to what causes said breakdown but usually forget because I’m frantically trying to find a solution to prevent the anticipated breakdown.

Fear not, I’ve got this under control. I’ve figured out what Nolan’s triggers are for some of his breakdowns.

  1. SOCKS — I’ve mentioned it before but if he goes to sleep or a nap and doesn’t have socks on, all hell breaks loose. He whimpers like a dog trapped in a closet. His eyes well up with tears and it’s so pitiful to watch but you can’t help feel bad for the unit. And sometimes he’ll wait until we’re gone from his room to initiate the whimpering sequence. So we give him socks and all is right with the world. 
  2. WET HAIR — The nerve of us as parents trying to wash his hair! He’ll splash around in the tub, the pool, the brook in the center of town, and the ocean but God forbid we try to dip his head in the water during bathtime. It’s a breakdown waiting to happen. Instead, we just wet a comb and do it that way.
  3. ICE CUBES — He sees me drinking lots of ice water every day so all of a sudden he’s a big fan of ice cubes in his cup. I guess you can’t fault him for wanting to be like his daddy but he has to put the cubes in. If I try doing it, he makes me dump the water out and begin anew. I did it this morning and he went in the corner and started cowering like a small child lost in a mall (I was this child once).

I guess there are only three things (for now) that might cause Nolan to completely wig out and have a breakdown. Don’t think for a second we’re suckers who let our kid get away with bloody murder, because we’re not. He has his “timeout” spot for when he doesn’t listen or when he throws things (balls, nail polish bottles, bats) but for the breakdowns I’ve mentioned, this serves no purpose. He didn’t do anything wrong, they’re simply triggers to a toddler meltdown.

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