Road Trip Nation: I-95

photo (5)

Following an awesome weekend celebrating Lindsay’s 30th birthday in Portsmouth, NH, we solemnly arrived back home in Connecticut. We were sad to leave Portsmouth–it’s an awesome place to visit with great restaurants, a lively bar scene and an atmosphere that is about as locally sourced as I’ve ever seen. Every restaurant bases their menu on local farms and food and local wines and beers.

We weren’t totally bummed out to come home. After all, Nolan was here to greet us. He’s napping now as Lindsay and I pack frantically for another road trip getaway to Fenwick Island — about seven hours away.

I will post plenty of pictures from both locations when we return home for longer than five hours and when I am not packing/unpacking clothes and our car.

Nathan is out on Martha’s Vineyard for a few weeks before we head back out there to get him.

Unfortunately we missed one of my good friends’ engagement party in Brooklyn this weekend, but you know how it goes, “happy wife, happy life.” He knows we’d have been there if possible but our trip to Portsmouth was booked so long ago and I used’s Name Your Own Price feature, which is like hotel roulette. It also means that if they accept your offer, you’re locked in and they accepted mine, so we were locked in.

Lindsay had a great time as did I so it was a successfully planned and executed surprise weekend getaway. Now to the next leg of Road Trip Nation — seven hours in the car on I-95. From the looks of it, we’ll have another nice destination to take advantage of.

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