Back to Work

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We arrived home yesterday afternoon around 3:30 pm following your standard 5-in-a-car, 8-hour car ride back from vacationing down in Fenwick Island, Delaware. We had a great time the entire week thanks to my parents and our friends in the Goldman/Rahll crew. Nolan was surprisingly well-behaved in the car the entire ride which made the ride much, much, much more tolerable.

Nolan has a blast at the beach every day hanging with his once-a-year best buddy Brayden. He/they really enjoyed “driving” planes, boats, cars and rocket ships at Funland on the Rehoboth Beach boardwalk — so much so that Nolan needed to ride in the car-in-front shopping cart at the supermarket yesterday. Needless to say, I almost took out several different end caps full of grocery and ran into several people as well. Upon leaving the supermarket, he had a breakdown to end all breakdowns because he wanted to “keep driving an shopping.” Trying to get him out of the thing was no easy fete.

Today is back to work for me, however. Back to the grind that as stay-at-home-dadding. Just me and the unit while Nathan is still on his mini-vacation on a remote island. This morning we watched the garbage truck lift and dump the garbage, went for a 3-mile bike ride, played some golf in the cabbage patch that is the front lawn and even had time to “oot hoops.”

(thanks to my brother who lent me his desktop computer since mine shorted out thanks to a faulty outlet on the deck at the vacation house. excuse me for trying to blog in the sun.)

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