So It’s Been 7 Days?!?

photo 3
Lindsay in front of Secret Service vehicle

It’s been quite a while since I contributed to SAHFA but it comes with good reason–family time. We (Lindsay, Nolan and I) went to Delaware (as you know) and spent the better part of last week on Martha’s Vineyard. I do have the iPhone WordPress app but thing it’s too time-consuming editing and re-editing words because I still rely too heavily on auto-correct. Lame, I know.

This is Day 1 of stay-at-home-dadding once again. This time I am outnumbered as Nate is back in the house but he’s the lease of my problems. He’s practically a cat although I did just take him for a nice long walk to the end of the driveway and then let him run around the backyard for a while.

I (we) mowed the back this morning because it’s been about two weeks and was harboring several rabbits and quite a few frogs. Nolan used his bubble mower that was spewing bubbles all over the yard, which he loved, naturally.

Obama was out on the Vineyard when we were there but before I get to that debacle (because of the traffic, not because of him) I want to discuss the television show disgrace appropriately called The Vineyard. It’s on ABC Family though I don’t know the day of the week it airs. It was filmed in May (when the water is still 55° but you’d never know. It’s not reality television but a docusoap. More like docudope. The “actors” are poor, the camerawork is average and there are currently birds bathing themselves in the pool cover. Sorry…all they wear is Black Dog gear but seeing how they work at the Black Dog, I guess it makes sense. Lindsay has it set on the DVR and I shamefully watch bits and pieces wondering how the heck this show even warrants air-time.

photo 1
photo 2
my favorite lantern of the night

Moving on to Obama. Traffic was horrible all week thanks to the POTUS being on the rock. Illumination was on Wednesday night–every house in the little cottage village-y thing in Oak Bluffs lights lanterns on their porches and it’s jam-packed with people but it’s kinda cool. But really once you’ve seen one lantern, you’ve seen ’em all. Friday night was an enormous fireworks show that lasted like 45 minutes and Nolan enjoyed all 45 of them. I was worried because they we so close (150′) and loud but he was a champ.

Loving the fireworks
Loving the fireworks
photo 4
a firework

We also went sailing, went to the beach once, rode the Flying Horses and went to the Agricultural Fair on Tisbury, a town that is stuck in the 1970’s.

Got back yesterday around 3:30 pm after a boat ride from Oak Bluffs to Falmouth. Supermarket upon our return with another ride in the car-cart. Time to enjoy the rest of Ink Master before the unit wakes up. Glad to be back in Connecticut for a few days in a row.


One thought on “So It’s Been 7 Days?!?

  1. We were there, again, at the very end of the Obama stay. Saw several large helicopters fly around, but no added traffic thankfully. We were on the other end of the island though.

    We avoid the Black Dog as much as possible going to The Art Cliff, Little House or Mary Ann’s instead. It’s just too crowded and expensive.

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