Potty Training Time

Nolan's Throne
Nolan’s Throne

The simple thought of this post reminds me how fast these past 28 months have gone. This post might be a little too graphic for some but if you’re curious as to my methods of potty training, proceed. If not, better luck next time.

Nolan is starting to show some interest in going “pee pee like daddy” so we figured while I’m home with him, what better time to break him in. Thank goodness for the 14 pairs of little Children’s Place undies we have (thanks to the ever-gracious Liz B.) since he tends to waste a little pee in each pair before I frantically rush him to his Elmo throne to finish it off. He gets so excited so we make a big deal out of it–but then again, I get excited too when I make it in the bowl.

I’ve got him walking around all day in “big boy undies,” asking him roughly every five minutes if he has to go to the bathroom, to which the answer is almost exclusively “no.” He then promptly pees on himself and proclaims, “daddy, pee pee!” Too late.

The biggest problem I’m having is that he’s so active that he pees on the move. Sweet, right? I’m not impressed.

photo (3)

Today he’s gone through 5 pairs already but we’re currently on a two game winning streak–the last two deposits have both been successful.

I know. Once he figures this whole situation out, our lives will change forever. That’s fine because I’m sick of buying diapers. Besides, once he has this down and we’re out somewhere, I can teach him to pee on the side of the road. Or wherever else he wants to go.

To quote one of the funniest movies made, “What’s your name, he’ll write it on the wall…mind your business!”

I’m anxious to see how he does post-nap. Happy Tuesday.

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