Day Games, Pure Wander and Day 2 of Potty Training

It’s by far better than yesterday when he blew through 6 pairs of undies, four more than me. Today he’s 5.5/7 on making it to his toilet on time. Unfortunately, he got up a little too soon from his guacamole and, well…you get it.

I just put him down for a nap and plowed through a ham sandwich topped with some kale. Kale really is quite a versatile leaf and is pretty hearty. Linds has been taking in baby kale salads for lunch at work and it’s relatively inexpensive at the supermarket. Win-win as far as we’re concerned.

I’m taking on a new venture at Pure Wander Magazine, an online magazine that has yet to launch but will focus on unique travel experiences for the whole family which will take adventures abroad and in the backyard to a higher level. Click the above link to sign up for the monthly newsletter. I am taking an active role in the life of PW’s Twitter handle so I’ll hop on over there in a few. Hopefully some of you readers will check it out once it launches but definitely sign up for the newsletter. It’ll be real vacation, travel and adventure ideas, not those froo-froo ones you see in the magazines that none of us can afford.

And then there’s some day baseball on — it’s the Mets taking on the Braves and though the pitching matchup isn’t all that appealing, it’s still a day game.

Time to tweet a bit before the game comes on.

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