Modern Dads, Yankees Surging, Nolan’s a Boss

Last night was the season premier (and overall premier) of Modern Dads, an A&E show that showcases four stay-at-home dads. I expected a lot of fake-ish stuff and bad acting but was pretty impressed with the product–at least for Week 1. I just got done watching it on DVR and there are two points of emphasis I’d like to give these modern dads and/or A&E a pat on the back for:

  1. Some of the stuff these guys say sounds 100% crazy. It’s absolutely the truth. The first few months staying at home with Nolan can push a man to the brink of insanity. After all, I was home all day with a little dude who couldn’t even speak and walk.
  2. Stopping the car does wake a sleeping child up. On the want home from Martha’s Vineyard the other day, Nolan was passed out in his car seat and after stopping at a red light, Lindsay reminded me to “come to a slow, rolling stop so he stays sleeping.” He did wake up after the initial full stop but that was it until the two-plus hour nap was over.

On to sports. The Yankees are on at 1:05 pm looking for a four game sweep of the Blue Jays. The Yanks are only 6.5 games behind the Red Sox but are in fourth-place in the AL East. They’re 8-2 over their past 10 games but are just 11-8 in August. They need another win before beginning a huge series in St. Petersburg against the Rays.

Fun Fact: they’re the only team in baseball to have a run differential of 0. Yup, they’ve given up as many as they’ve scored. Hopefully today they’ll creep into the green.

Nolan had two mishaps today in his quest to nail down potty training. One of each number. He cried both times and I had to do my best to reassure him he’s still a boss! It’s pretty sad how upset he got at himself but don’t worry, I reassured him how cool he is.

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