Drive-In Movies, Four-Wheelers and Horses

Big moon over the big screen.
Big moon over the big screen.

Last night we did something outside the box (for us) and a little daring (for any parent with a two-year-old) — we tried bringing Nolan to the movies. Not in a theater, as you probably could have guessed from the headline of this post, but rather at the drive-in. Though he did stay awake for the entire movie (we saw Planes) he sat still for none of it. For $16 total, it was still something I was glad we experienced.

We got a pizza for when we got there and had dinner in the back of the CR-V before the movie started. We were one of eight or nine cars there when we arrived but after we left (sadly, we didn’t get to see Grown Ups 2) we noticed there were probably at least 75-80 cars there. Seems like we have been missing the boat. He passed out as soon as we started driving but I appreciate his effort in keeping his eyes open throughout the movie. All in all, I’d say he watched about 17 minutes of the movie. Oh well, maybe next time.

photo 1
Nolan enjoying some pizza.
Craning our necks, enjoying the movie.
Craning our necks, enjoying the movie.

Don’t get it twisted though, just because he didn’t fall asleep until 10:00 pm last night didn’t hinder his daily 6:15 am wake up call. Sleep optional.

I figured he’d be a pill today but he’s been pretty well-behaved, thankfully. We went for a long walk–well, Nate and I did. Nolan decided to take his four-wheeler for a spin to the top of the cul-de-sac for a joy ride. Last night I had to throw the quad on the charger because it was running out of juice and this morning, Nolan knew it was going to run a bit fast. For the record, the top speed is 2 mph. TWO!! He asked me for a helmet and I obliged. He was ready to ride.

Nolan with the helmet, Nate with the photobomb.
Nolan with the helmet, Nate with the photobomb.

After a while on four wheels we decided for two and took a bike ride to see his favorite horse. A black, wrought-iron horse in someones yard along the way. Despite the horse not ever moving from the post, Nolan loves it immensely and waves to it every single time we pass it. But only from the bike. When we drive past, he can care less.

photo 3
Read for the bike ride.
The Iron Horse
The Iron Horse

I just prepped the eggplant (read: breaded and fried in canola oil) for the eggplant parm dinner I’ve got on tap for this evening. Time to enjoy the rest of my iced coffee before the unit wakes up.

2 thoughts on “Drive-In Movies, Four-Wheelers and Horses

  1. You didn’t miss much with grown-ups 2. I was very VERY disappointed… though that is one movie it would be difficult to live up to the original.

    I am taking the Kid to Planes this weekend and hoping that it doesn’t crash and burn (horrible to say when the movie is titled Planes).

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