Country Fest to the Country

This past weekend Linds and I got a weekend away thanks to my birthday gift this year–two field level seats to Country Fest at Gillette Stadium in Foxboro(ugh), Massachusetts–home of the New England Patriots. Apparently, it doesn’t really matter how you spell it. A big thank you to Rosanne and Steve for putting us up for the night and what a night it was.

The tailgating prior to the concert was a blast–food, drinks, sun and a rather interesting event going on that I’d never seen in my life — a horse-race manned by fellow tailgaters (I lost $1 on the 1 and 3 horses). I made my money back tenfold though–I’ll explain in a minute. Linds bought these tickets for my birthday, like I mentioned, for the simple reason that we both think Eric Church kicks serious ass. And he does. We saw him way back in 2008 at Jenkinson’s Pavilion in Point Pleasant, NJ along with like 100 other people–well before he became a country superstar. Kenny Chesney was the headliner for the concert this weekend and I’d never seen him play but I tell you what, he’s the man. I’d say, without hesitation, that Country Fest 2013 was the best concert I have ever been to. There were 70,000 people standing the entire night for Church and Chesney and they didn’t disappoint. It was the last show on tour so I’m sure that played into the sheer awesomeness.

Church was packed!
Church was packed!

Oh yeah, back to how I made my money back. I waited in the bathroom line for like 25 minutes as my bladder almost busted open and with three people left until it was my time to enter the john, some random dude walks up with a $20 bill in his hands asking to cut the line. People were looking at him like he was insane but I snatched the $20 and gladly let him cut. No-brainer!

After a very late wake-up call on Sunday, we headed back to Connecticut country following a pickup of Nolan and Nathan. We got home and realized we had very little time to recover/recoup/rejuvenate. Typically, we prefer our Sunday to be a day for laundry, food shopping and catching up on some relaxation. Not the case but Saturday night was worth it.

Yesterday was my first day back on the job since every single interview I went on (I am certified to be a guidance counselor) fell flat on their respective faces. I think I went on 9 interviews and didn’t even get a bite. I don’t take much pride in moral victories–I know I’ve only been a guidance counselor for three months but I’m positive I have tons to offer the students and staff at whatever school takes a chance on me–if there is one. It’s disheartening to think that I was 0-for-9 but I guess it could be worse, I could have a lame kid but luckily, he’s a dude.

Darcy Station
Darcy Station

We built a train station Monday afternoon that surprisingly is still in tact as I type this post. We scoured the treeline for acorns but based on our count, it looks like the squirrels got most of them before we hit the trail. Regardless, he enjoys the hunt.

On the hunt for acorns!
On the hunt for acorns!

Today we did some puzzles that he’s done before. There were three of them and we scattered the pieces in a pile but he figured it out. I guess he’s two-years-old, so that sort of thing should be doable. Whatever, he had a good time and that’s all that matters. It might be time to get him a Duplo set for the house–you know how kids are, they love them some LEGO.


Time to take Nate for a walk before Nolan wakes up. It was a crappy day here early but the sun (and bugs) are out now. And it’s like 140% humidity, which is awesome.

Have a good Tuesday!

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