Do the Doo

Kind of a twofold post now that I think about it but the main idea pertains to potty training.

Nolan has been a beast when it comes to potty training. I still ask him incessantly if he has to go or not, but he hasn’t had a mistake in a few days, due mainly to the fact that he hasn’t pooped in two days. Well, today the streak ended.

Here’s the thing. He has no issues taking a leak on his potty but refuses to do the doo on the dang thing. He walks around all day and night with his big boy undies on (except nap and sleep). He’ll run to the potty when he needs to pee but he just squats mid-stride in order to get the deuce out. I carry him to the potty afterwards anyway (and even tempt him with a lollipop) but he cries the entire way. I’m not sure if he is afraid to go on it or is simply embarrassed and/or upset with himself. Whatever it is, we’ve got to get this figured out.

If anyone has any tips for how to cure this dilemma (with a child), I’d love to hear it.

In other poo news, Nolan and I decided to pick his NFL team today by writing each team on a piece of paper and putting them all in a bowl, ultimately letting him pick his team at random. And as only poo would have it, he picked my team, the Oakland Raiders. He’s still clueless as to what’s actually going on besides that every one on the field has a helmet on and they’re playing football. At least he has time before he actually realizes what a pain it is being a Raiders fan. Maybe this year will be different.

photo 2photo 3

Poor kid, he’s all smiles being a fan now. In eight or nine years, he’ll understand how abysmal this pick was.

In unrelated news, Nolan is a 70-year-old nature lover. He found a stick, on his own, and decided he wanted it to walk with. So, being a handyman, I decided to sand down the sharp/rough stumpy parts so it’s a little easier to handle. He loves it. Now we just need to find one for me.

"Hello, sir."
“Hello, sir.”

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