Another Potty Training Post (Worth Reading!)

Let me just say this — I am just as stressed with this potty training as I was tired during Nolan’s first six-plus months of life (I cannot and will not speak for Linds).

Today at 4 pm, we embarked on a journey in the car, the first real distant (40 minutes) trip with Nolan in his big boy undies with his Elmo potty in the back. We told him before we left, “If you have to go, tell daddy to stop the car because you have to pee.” “OK,” he replied. We didn’t make it 400 feet before we had to stop.

It played out a little something like this:

1. Pull over >>> 2. Extract Nolan from car seat >>> 3. Open the rear hatch >>> 4. Remove Nolan’s undies >>> 5. Sit Nolan on potty >>> 6. Nolan proceeds to point to the colors on the blankets in the back of the car >>> 7. No pee >>> 8. Back in car seat >>> 9. Hit the road >>> 10. Remind him to tell me if he has to pee, again.

We drove for another 10-12 minutes before he felt the “need” to pee again. See numbers 1 through 10 above.

We made it to our destination and tried once again, this time unprovoked by Nolan. No go.

We headed into Westfarms Mall and trolled around for 15-20 minutes before passing a family restroom. Lindsay took him in but he was not interested.

We trolled around for another 15 minutes or so and I tried. SUCCESS!! He clearly has no lutropublicaphobia (fear of public restrooms) and was promptly rewarded with an orange Dum Dum lollipop he requested. We stopped to get him some fall pajamas and were done with Westfarms.

So, with the fear that I might gnaw my arm off, we headed to dinner at Red Robin. It’s as kid-friendly as it gets and Nolan really enjoys the balloon they give him. We ordered a short stack of onion rings (that the waitress never brought out and we were never charged for even though she clearly repeated out order to us), a mac ‘n cheese for Nolan (obviously), and a burger for Linds and me. We sat down and he told us he needed to pee. I raced outside to the car and went through numbers two through six, but this time it was once again successful. Two pee winning streak–boo-yah!

Following dinner (nary a mishap) we headed over to Carter’s to take advantage of their 50% off the entire store Labor Day sale. We stocked up on fall clothes for Nolan since everything he has is short-sleeves and won’t be suitable for fall weather here in the country. Nolan and I were sitting at the kid’s table playing with puzzles when I looked over and his face was red thanks to him trying to force out a guacamole. I lifted him up, raced to the restroom hidden behind the EXIT ONLY door at the back of the store, cleaned the toilet (a full-size hopper) and placed Nolan right on that thing. He cried (as he usually does when he isn’t going guacamole in his undies). After several minutes, Nolan had placed his first deuce in the toilet water. I gave him a big high-five and lifted him up. As he flushed, he proclaimed, with tears still in his eyes, “Bye bye Nu-Nu’s guacamole!” He then asked for another lollipop.

We exited back into the main store and walked out while Lindsay was in line waiting to pay. I hoisted him up to my shoulders and walked not 35 feet before he felt like he was pushing again. I raced in the store again and back to the secret hopper. Cleaned the toilet, placed him on it and once again, several minutes later, he had dropped another deuce. “Bye bye Nu-Nu’s guacamole,” and out we went.

On the way home, he was tired and we hadn’t blown through any of the three pairs of undies we brought with us. He then began Stewie Griffining, as he’s been known to do lately.

Instead of saying “hi,” he followed the incessant mommy and daddy name-calling with “Nu-Nu did two guacamole. Bye bye Nu-Nu’s guacamole.” This happened roughly 10-12 times to each of us.

He told me to stop twice on the way home but I was on a road with cars behind me and no shoulder so I blame myself for the two pees-in-the-pants on the way home.

We lost the battle on the way home but won the war at Carter’s. Let’s just hope this trend continues of him keeping his undies clean.

I wanted to crush some ice cream when I get home but decided to entertain you, my loyal readers (all 14 of you).


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