Checking the Sewer, Visiting the Iron Horse

So today started out just like every other day, except I could now see my breath when I walked outside this morning. Nolan sported his fall pajamas (long-sleeves, pants) for the first time since March.

If I was him, this newest pair I would wear year-round. The pants have a woodgrain texture and the shirt has a beaver on it chewing a branch. Here:
Yesterday Nolan enjoyed watching the SewerVac guys suck the muck, water, sticks and leaves out of the sewer drains. They even let the little guy get a closer look. So naturally the large part of the morning was spent looking in every sewer drain to make sure they were still empty. Hey, whatever it takes right? He was happy, the sun was out, and the bugs were rather dormant.
He’s down for nap now but we’ll probably go see the iron horse when he wakes up. Bike rides are one of his favorite things.

Take care and enjoy the outdoors if the weather allows.

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