iOS 7 and the Kid


Following the update to iOS 7 on my iPhone, Nolan seems a bit confused–as do I.

Occasionally, he’ll get his mitts on my phone and immediately find the YouTube or Camera features and proceed to watch his TuTiTu videos or snap a selfie or 35 of his forehead or decide on the carpet as an interesting subject. With the new updates to the look of the screen, he’s confused as all hell. And to be honest, it’s taking me some time to navigate my way through it as well. To make the transition a bit easier, I moved YouTube to the front page.

Let’s face it, new stuff is always fun. And for a two-year-old, things often get lost in the shuffle and forgotten so sometimes, old toys re-presented to him bring a smile to his face as well — like finding a long lost friend!

There are some features I  like:

  1. Control Center: A swipe up from the bottom to activate/deactivate your wireless, airplane mode and blue tooth. You can also control your music, which Nolan loves (the actual music, not the feature). It gives you access to your alarms, camera, calculator and flashlight, which allowed me to delete the flashlight app I had. Yes, I had a flashlight app.\
  2. iTunes Radio: Another feature that allowed me to clear up some space by deleting Pandora. Nothing personal Pandora, but for the time being, I’m gonna roll with iTunes Radio and see how it goes.
  3. FaceTime App: Not sure if the button you press is technically considered an app, but I’ll go with it. It lets you choose who  you want to FaceTime (a feature that comes in handy when family isn’t around the block and want to see/talk to Nolan) directly from the Contacts list, though I feel like they should be able to filter it so that only those with iPhone/iPad are listed.
  4. Camera: Scroll left and right to choose video/photo/square photo/panoramic. And another thing I just realized that may or may not be new with iOS 7, if you hold the shutter down you can take continuous photos. There’s also filters built in to the editing feature in case you’re interested.

I’m sure Nolan will figure it out sooner or later but for now, my phone is my phone. He’ll have to use the iPad for his video time!

(NOTE: He does not watch videos all day but rather when I’m cooking dinner or for a few minutes prior to his nap.)

2 thoughts on “iOS 7 and the Kid

  1. Our 4 year old grabs my iPhone and takes hundreds of selfies with the camera.

    The one thing I don’t like about the iPhone is the auto correct. I know it can be turned off, and its often useful, but sometimes it auto corrects incorrectly. Selfies was just corrected to selfish.

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