Auto-Correct, Base Jumping and the Oakland A’s

I’ve kind of gotten away from one-half of what this blog was supposed to focus on, sports, but for good reason (Nolan rules!) This headline focuses two-thirds of its energy on the sports world while the other one-third is a pet peeve of mine, auto-correct.

Get the auto-correct out of the way. I’ve toned down my language quite a bit since my playing days thanks to the entrance of Nolan into our lives. I find myself saying things like, “Oh, bumpers” after getting my crotch jumped on by the little dude. When I text, I sometimes drop an f-bomb or two, what’s the big deal, he can’t hear the text message or read yet! Problem is, every single time I misspell it by a letter (I only use one finger to type), it comes out “ducking.” Why in the world would I ever write ducking? Apple needs to smarten it’s predication software so it knows what I’m trying to say!

On to base jumping. Not by me, oh no, way too dangerous, though it is on my bucket list, but rather Nolan. The kid loves jumping off the giant rocks scattered throughout the yard and neighborhood. Some are higher than he is tall but that doesn’t stop him–he just grabs on to a ledge and pulls himself up, no big deal. He’ll then mutter something incoherent and take a leap of faith off the rock and surprisingly will land on his feet quite a bit. There are times he hits and takes a spill, but that’s all part of being a boy, right?

photo (6)
long hair, don’t care

How bout them Oakland A’s? Being from Long Island, I kind of adopted them as my team years back when they had the Big Three of Barry Zito, Mark Mulder and Tim Hudson. I’m a Yankees fan through and through but let’s face it, they used to be fun to root for before they turned into Team AARP. I’m still a fan but there’s just no one in the organization or on the team that gets me excited for the future of baseball in the Bronx. The countdown to #OAKtober is down to four–the A’s need any combination of wins and Rangers’ losses to clinch the AL West and a berth into the 2013 MLB Postseason. They’re 6.5 games up on Texas and have the second-best record in the American League, so things are looking up for the A’s. They’ve got a nice mix of veteran (Coco Crisp, Grant Balfour) and exciting young players (Stephen Vogt, Josh Donaldson, Sonny Gray, A.J. Griffin), unlike the Yanks. Vogt is a great dude (my brother was teammates with him in the Rays organization) and his wife and daughter are cool cats too. Fun Fact: his first big league hit was a HR! At least I’ll have one team to root for once OAKtober rolls around!

(photo credit: Michael Zagaris)

OK, time to make an iced coffee to prepare for Round 2 on Hurricane Nolan!

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