Duct Tape, Lumberjacking, and an Acorn Cruiser

The weather has been downright cold in the morning lately, a sign that fall is indeed here. Typically, we’ll wait for the sun really start shining before going outside, usually around 9:15 am or so. We pack a lot of action in during the time we go out and the time we go in for snack and lunch (11 am). Today was no exception.

Before we headed out, I made a little Duct Tape Expressway on the living room floor to work on his hand-eye coordination a bit – he loved it! He has been a good boy lately, so I let him pick a toy from his treasure chest. He chose the rev-it-up Lightning McQueen, a solid choice regardless of whatever else was in there. We were winding it up and sending him the entire length of the house across the tile floors and he had a blast. He then wanted some of his Hot Wheels to use on the Expressway and drove for like twenty minutes or so before he decided it was time to head outside.

Duct Tape Expwy.
Duct Tape Expressway

We went outside and naturally decided to collect more acorns–I think we’ve got around 250 acorns stored away in his Mickey Mouse beach pail. You know, in case food becomes nonexistent and we need to nourish ourselves on acorns. Unlike every other day, he didn’t want to ride his tricycle or Spiderman car. Today, he wanted to walk it out with his beach cruiser that he got a year ago. About 25-30 acorns later, we were done. Or were we?

acorn collection cruiser
acorn collection cruiser

Out of the blue, he asked me to chop down a tree and pointed at one tree in particular. It was probably 20′ tall and was leaning on another giant tree, so I figured what the hell, let’s give it a shot. I told him to back away because honestly, I didn’t know where the hell this thing was gonna fall. I took all my lumberjack knowledge gained watching AxMen and the like on television and started hacking away. After a few minutes the tree was ready to push over. He was still fifteen feet away or so and I yelled, “TIMBER!!” and down came the tree, much to his excitement.

atop his fallen timber
atop his fallen timber

That was our morning. How was yours?

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