A Snoozer of a Post – My Fantasy Football Team in 2005 and Now

I’ll get into something that might bore 90% of my readers – so like nine of you – but I’ve got to vent and here’s my platform. Every year, millions of people engage in fantasy football leagues and the question remains, “Is anyone really stoked on their team?”

In my pay league (which I still have to pay for, I’ll do it soon Jay), I haven’t been happy with my team since 2005, when I took home the title! Ever since then, it’s been an uphill climb. And it’s kind of come full circle.

Here’s my team and a brief thought on each player, from my 2005 championship team to this year’s 1-2 team.

2005’s Darcy’s Assbags

  • QB – Drew Brees, SD — 3,500+ yards and 24 TD passes in his final season in San Diego
  • RB – Clinton Portis, WAS — 1,516 rush yards to go along with 11 TD
  • RB – Reuben Droughns, CLE — 1,200 yards but a measly 2 TDs
  • WR – Steve Smith, CAR — #1 in yards (1,563) and receiving TD (12)
  • WR – Santana Moss, WAS — #2 in yards (1,483) to go along with 9 TD
  • TE – Tony Gonzalez, KC — 900 yards and 2 TD from the TE spot back then was quite a feat back then
  • OP – Trent Green, QB, KC — Threw for the 2nd most yards in the NFL (4,014)
  • D/ST – Carolina Panthers — 45 sacks and a whopping 23 INT
  • K – John Kasey, CAR — 26/34 on FGA and 43/44 on XPA
  • WR – Torry Holt, StL — Averaged 95.1 ypg, (5th in NFL) and had 9 TD grabs
  • D/ST – Indianapolis Colts — 46 sacks and 18 INT for a 14-2 team
  • K – Josh Brown, SEA — 18/25 on FGA and 55/56 on XPA (thanks to Shaun Alexander’s 27 rushing TD)
  • WR – Terry Glenn, DAL — 1,136 yards, my 4th best WR this year. Not bad.

Not sure why I stashed an extra kicker and defense on my bench instead of a few running backs but it didn’t stop me on my run to glory and the inaugural Levittown Degenerate’s League title!

2013’s Dez Equis

  • QB – Tom Brady, NE – One of the two gold standard QB’s in the league, making the most of no-name receivers
  • RB – Doug Martin, TB – Had a great rookie season (1,454 yds, 11 TD) but is average so far for a terrible Bucs squad
  • RB – Jason Snelling, ATL – Late addition when Stephen Jackson went down, huge Week 3 and disappeared this week
  • RB/WR – Eddie Royal, SD – Added him after a 2 TD performance in Week 1, hasn’t done jack since, likely dropping him
  • WR – Dez Bryant, DAL – Alternates good weeks and bad weeks, this week was good (81 yds, 2 TD)
  • WR – Julian Edelman, NE – Handcuffed Amendola and he’s been a solid addition
  • WR – Rod Streater, OAK – Who? Yeah, well Oakland has to throw it, right? Apparently not to Rod. Drop City.
  • TE – Tony Gonzalez, ATL – The ageless wonder came up huge this week after three subpar weeks (149 yds, 2 TD)
  • D/ST – Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Yes, I  picked up a winless team’s defense. They’re ballhawks (6 INT).
  • K – Stephen Gostkowski, NE – Normally a staple for a high-scoring team such as the Patriots (11/12 FGA)
  • WR – Danny Amendola, NE – Wes Welker gone, a younger (more injury-prone) version here, just has to get healthy
  • WR – T.Y. Hilton, IND – Big Week 2 (124 yds) but again, a disappearing act in Indy.
  • RB – Danny Woodhead, SD – Patriots castaway, found his groove this week (86 total yards, 2 TD), but I benched him.
  • WR – Ryan Broyles, DET – Nate Burleson broke his arm, Broyles steps in, right? No. Zero catches. Dropping.
  • QB – EJ Manuel, BUF – Finally had a stinker in Week 4 but he’s Brady’s backup, I’ll deal.
  • RB – Ahmad Bradshaw, IND – Looked like the feature back in Indy until Trent Richardson arrived.

Though the roster breakdown has changed a bit, I still tend to be reliant on too few teams (4 Patriots, 2 Chargers, 2 Colts, 2 Falcons) but these teams typically score points, so I take my chances. Hoping to squeak out a win this week to put me back at .500 as long as the Saints can hold down the Dome and play some defense against my opponent’s three Dolphins.

Time to hunt for some jobs. Let’s go Saints!

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