Full Dude Mode

While I heat up a burrito for lunch, I figured I might as well script a little post.

As for the title, I’m referring to Nolan, not myself. The kid has been a beast outside lately playing with chalk incessantly and finally showing an interest in trucks, not that there’s anything wrong with any of his other interests. But when I think of a “boy,” I think of trucks. Before I catch any flack like, “Boys can play with whatever they want, dolls, trucks, crayons,” I want to set the record straight — I do not deter him from playing with anything. He has the freedom to play with what he wants (besides electrical outlets and power cords).

We have some trucks around the house but ever since we went to a consignment sale at the church last weekend and picked up two Hot Wheels monster trucks for a quarter each, he’s been enthralled by trucks. Inside, outside, up and down the stairs, on the dog, on the walls — it’s trucks all day long. Even in the middle of the road (don’t worry, we live on a quiet cul-de-sac, so he was safe when I took this picture).

photo 1

He also loves windmills so every day we head outside, I need to draw windmill after windmill, but with little chalk eggs that often cause me to accidentally scrape my knuckles or fingertips on the pavement, it’s hard to get in to too much detail. All the windmills tend to look similar, but he cares not. As long as I keep drawing them, it’s cool with him.

photo 2

Finally, before the burrito is done, I’m also working on spelling words with him thanks to a sweet find my myself — letter shaped chicken nuggets thanks to Yummy Alpha Buddies. Today we went with “PEN” and “RUB” for the words of lunch. He devoured them with about a pound of ketchup.

photo 3

Time to devour this here burrito. Adios muchachos!

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