Dude Day: Take One

With Lindsay away for work (she’s in Minnesota administering some exams), it’s a boy’s weekend for me and the little dude. While I’m excited about the time I’ll spend with him, I feel bad for her being so far away because she really gets the short end of the stick by not having as much time with Nolan as me. If we were independently wealthy or I was the bread-winner, things would be different, but these are the cards the Darcy family has been dealt. She’s the bomb!

That being said, we had one hell of a day. It started with a 4:15 am trip to the airport to drop Linds off and promptly continued with another hour-long snooze in bed once we got back home. He stayed in bed with me and despite having plenty of room to spread out, he decided it was way cooler if we shared a pillow. No big deal.

We took a trip to Target to get him some goodies like Annie’s crackers and some arts and crafts stuff. We then walked right next door to the Dollar Tree to get some Halloween crap – he opted for two giant rubber spiders, a shower curtain liner and two eggs of silly putty. Still not done in the plaza, we went in to Petco to get the dog some rawhide bones but Nolan could care less (though he did carry the bag of bones around the store). He was in awe of all the fish swimming around in all the tanks and part of me felt bad not buying him a fish, but let’s face it, it’s a fish and we’d need one that will survive (for a few weeks at least) in the friendly confines of a small fish bowl. I ain’t into getting a huge tank with circulating water-flow and all that crap. I’ll do some research and will probably get the kid a fish–this one was only a buck.

photo 1
hey fishy fishy!

He was exhausted in the car after we finally left but toughed it out and had a blast at the park for an hour before heading home to eat lunch and pass out. There were some SAHMs there but none seemed all that interested in striking up conversation with the new guy. I’ve been here for months but due to the fact that we only have one trust-worthy car, Nolan and I don’t venture too far from the house. Times are tough, but we make the best of it.

photo 2
high flying Nolan

Nap time was a little shorter than anticipated, about an hour and forty-five minutes, but that’s how it goes sometimes. We killed some time outside and had a little FaceTime session with great-grandma D before it was time to head to dinner – I cook every night of the week, so I figured I’d treat the little dude to a night out. He was more preoccupied with the wooden train outside than actually eating the food but I managed to get him to sit down long enough to eat and pose for a dual-selfie.

photo 3

And finally, how else would we cap off the day than with a trip to the ice cream shoppe! I mean what kid (and grown man) doesn’t enjoy ice cream, even when the weather begins to cool off?

photo 4
chocolate oreo cone

We headed home, got him all cleaned up and I put him down to sleep for the night. Now I have some time to post and watch the DodgersBraves game. Oh, and I’m not a Braves fan, but is there anything cooler than the Tomahawk Chop? Or Kershaw’s filthy slider?

Time to throw back a few Shock Top Pumpkin Wheat beers before calling it a night myself. Dude Day: Take Two tomorrow night.

3 thoughts on “Dude Day: Take One

  1. That’s awesome. Some of the best days are the unplanned dude days.

    Oh and you haven’t lived as a dad until your kid kicks you in the nuts when you are sleeping in the same bed.

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