Dude Day: Take Two

Day two was just as fun as Day 1 except for the fact that it started with a trip to the doctor’s office thanks to a weird rash on his bum and right thigh.

I thought it was poison ivy, but damned if a boy from the ‘burbs knows what poison ivy actually looks like. It’s gotten slightly worse over the past few days and I figured it was time to get a professional opinion. I called at 8:30 am and they were able to get me in at 9:45 am, which was nice. He doesn’t really fear going to the doctor, but he hates getting weighed. I mean screaming bloody murder hate. Turns out, it was indeed a rash, but I don’t think it’s poison ivy. I think it was from me being a bonehead and getting natural detergent that WAS NOT free and clear/gentle. And possibly dryer sheets. I got some corticosteroid ointment prescribed and picked it up at CVS before heading to the airport to check out some flight arrivals.

clearly loving the scale
clearly loving the scale

We sat there for about 35 minutes and there was nothing, I think the runway they were using was on the other side of the airport. We were just about to head home and lo and behold, an oncoming plane! I stopped the car and took him out of his seat, plopped him in the passenger seat up front for him to enjoy the sights and sound of a low-flying plane. He was pointing and smiling when he saw it — I guess he forgot about the doctor.

Southwest arrival
Southwest arrival
checking out the plane
checking out the plane

We got home and he napped for a solid two hours which gave me ample time to clean, do some laundry with the new detergent (which is the same detergent we used when he didn’t get a rash) and ate some lunch.

When he woke up, we folded laundry — meaning I folded and refolded and refolded — and got ready to have a dude dinner date and trip to the Granby Day fair. He threw back some grilled cheese and fries with loads of ketchup before we headed over to check out the fair.

cheesing while waiting for his grilled cheese
cheesing while waiting for his grilled cheese

There were a  bunch of punk high schoolers there enjoying their Friday night the same as a 32-year-old and his two-year-old son. Lame. He had a blast and was dancing to the music of the band and ogling at all the rides. It was your typical carnival stuff — Ferris wheel, merry-go-round, boat ride, car ride, blah blah blah. All he did was talk about the Ferris wheel and how it went “round and round” but when I asked if he wanted to go on it, he refused. Again and again. I bought 22 tickets for $20 to be safe — the fair runs tomorrow as well, so we have some tickets left over. All he decided on was the fire truck ride and boat ride (sans water).

fire trucking
fire trucking
he chose the pink boat - he's cool
he chose the pink boat – he’s cool

Overall, another solid dude’s day with the unit. Tomorrow I have some baseball games to coach so my parents are heading up tonight to tend to Nolan and Nate while I’m in Waterbury for the morning and early afternoon coaching.

For now, I’ll have some beers and watch some baseball. The Braves are in control of this one.

3 thoughts on “Dude Day: Take Two

  1. Hi Ryan, You don’t know me, but I’be known your Mom and her family since the day I was born. I grew on Garden Drive across the street from your grandparents. I guess you could say I was your Mom’s “first Nolan” as she dealt with my constant knocks on the door looking for her or Mr Coy-Coy. She always had an infinite amount of patience for me and I thought she was a rock star! I still keep in touch with her and I am 46 now with a family of my own. I read your blog and think you are a phenomenon Dad. Phyllis and Glenn taught you well. Your Grandfather would be so proud and would adore Nolan! Keep up the good work!
    Dina Marinello-Judge

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