Simply put: bubbles can keep children busy and in awe for hours at a time.

It really is something to see how excited the unit gets when I break out a bottle of bubbles and the wand inside said bottle. While there are tons of bubble makers, the only brand I found that are actually solid from beginning to end are Melissa and Doug‘s. However, I did score three bottles of bubbles for a quarter each the last time I was at the supermarket. Out of season discount bin!

We went outside today, like many days before this, and proceeded to blow bubbles for about an hour. The driveway was the primary location but bubbles don’t stick to the pavement as well as they stick to the grass, so per Nolan’s request, we moved to the lawn. He even got in on the action, taking the gallon jug and waving the wand like a wild man. I even picked out a bottle of purple bubbles at Target the last time I was there, they were on clearance for $1.38. It’s a purple liquid but the bubbles look rather ordinary.

photo 4
wand boy

photo 3

Another thing he loves is sparklers. Not the safest choice for a two-year-old, but he enjoys them nonetheless. He keeps them far away from his body but it’s just another thing he enjoys, so why would I take away the joy of a sparkler from the dude?

photo 1
admiring the sparkler
cheesing for the camera
cheesing for the camera

Time to take in the A’s game with a Shipyard Smashed Pumpkin.

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