House Ridden No More (I Hope)

I am the definition of a stay-at-home dad.

For the better part of the past five months, I’ve been without a car. You heard right, no car. Well, we have two cars, but the one that’s up and running is the one Lindsay takes to work every day while the other one sits in the driveway collecting pollen, leaves, bird crap and dents from Nolan smacking it with a rake, a golf club and various other things he picks up and swings.

Last weekend, we headed out to Long Island to see my folks and pick up a new used car for me to get around in, a 1999 Chevrolet Malibu. I drove Bu-Bu for a few minutes, from my dad’s shop to their house and it ran great. Sure it’s an old ride, but it’s a car, a commodity I’ve all but given up on. And thanks to Glenn for getting the beast up and running once more!

Fast-forward to the next day as we’re loading up the cars ready to make the trek back to the woods of Connecticut. Everything is all ready to go–or so it seemed–and I throw the car in reverse and BAM!! The brake line busted. Car gone. Until tonight!

I am hopping on a Peter Pan bus from Hartford to the Port Authority, making the walk down to Penn Station then hopping aboard a LIRR train to pick up the car…again.

Saturday I have to head out early to get an emissions test and then get to the DMV to turn in the paper temporary plate for a pair with dark blue embossed numbers on a reflective sky blue gradient fade with embossed border line. Stoked.

I’m always curious as to what letter/number combination I’ll get and immediately try to figure out a way to remember it with a catchy phrase or jumble of words. It never works, but it’s fun to try. Yes, fun…

…which is exactly what Nolan and I will be able to have outside the friendly confines of our very rural neighborhood here in Connecticut. Ya see, we don’t exactly live in a spot where parks are within walking distance. Our park is the cul-de-sac at the top of the street. There are no kids his age around the area within walking distance but there is a playgroup on Wednesdays that I fully plan on attending so that Nolan can meet some new buddies. I mean, he’s got me, but he really needs to branch out. There is also a few parks within a 15 minute drive that we’ll be sure to hit up regularly, even though the weather is dipping well into the twenties at night and rarely getting into the sixties during the day. We are outside everyday regardless of the weather but it’ll be nice to let him run around a little more.

Anyway, I just wanted to inform everyone of my (hopefully) soon-to-be freedom, at which point I will be sure to increase the variety and volume of posts here on the blog.

Let’s just pray it all goes according to plan tonight and tomorrow. Freedom awaits.

2 thoughts on “House Ridden No More (I Hope)

    1. yeah i certainly did—and i noticed there is no longer a dot in the middle of the series of numbers/letters…just waiting to get it done on the permanent plates!

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