Is There Anything Worse…

sick little unit
sick little unit

…as a parent when you’re son/daughter is sick and they know they’re sick? The answer is no. I’d rather be sick for 100 days straight than have him sick for just one.

Towards the latter part of yesterday afternoon (after three and a half grueling hours at the DMV with Nolan), his sickness began to set in. His nose was running, he was blowing snot bubbles and sucking them back in. He was coughing a little bit but nothing too bad. His voice began to get a tad raspy and gruff sounding.

We got home from the DMV despite getting nothing accomplished because the guy who helped me at a different branch last week when I went told me I needed two documents–turned out I needed four. I administered some treatment to the little dude, some pain and fever reducer, which he loves taking. It seemed to help a bit as he was in good spirits the remainder of the day. Dr. Dad to the rescue!

He went to bed at his normal time despite the urge to put him in a bit earlier because he was under the weather. His coughing was beginning to intensify but it wasn’t to the point of me worrying that he was going to need a trip to the doctor. I asked Linds to stop and get some cough medicine on the way home to be safe.

Right around 3:00 in the morning I heard a raspy little voice coming from his room interrupted by some coughing. I went in there and he wanted to go downstairs but I denied his request. I also didn’t even–not for a second–think to take him into our bed even though we do have a king bed thanks to the lovely ladies over at Butlerish. Instead, I asked him if he wanted some medicine–he happily shook his head yes. Cough medicine it was and he slept for another three hours while I laid in bed half-awake anticipating some more conversation and coughs.

Today he woke up and immediately proclaimed, “Nu Nu neck hurt here,” as he pointed at the back of his neck. His neck continues to bother him today and he has to turn his entire body to the right to look that way (although he prefers to turn all the way to the left until he can see what he’s looking at). We spent the better part of the day reading on the couch and watching a few episodes of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and he remains in good spirits as he fights through the pain.

I called the doctor this morning to explain to them the symptoms and they seem to think, that because he has no fever, he might have slept on it wrong or slightly tweaked a muscle in his neck because of the coughing. Works for me, I mean they are the professionals.

He’s upstairs napping now and I haven’t heard any coughing. I went up and checked on him a few times and man does he look comfortable.

I’m sure he’ll have some snot pasted to the side of his face when he wakes up and I’m guessing his neck won’t have gotten that much better, but I’m hoping the little dude feels better in a day or so.

So, to recap the title and this post, there is nothing worse than seeing your child suffer through a sickness.

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