Dude Week and a Black Friday Conundrum

With Lindsay’s departure yesterday to the great state of Virginia for a few days, it leaves just the three Darcy men at the house — Nolan, Nathan, and me. She’ll be back later in the day on Friday but for the first time in quite some time, I actually have a car to get around with while she’s occupying the other one. It’s like Christmas come early here in the hills of Connecticut!

Yesterday morning we went to breakfast at a local spot before Linds hit the road for her 10+ hour trip. Nolan had himself a monkey pancake that he absolutely devoured. Truth be told, we shouldn’t have let him eat as much of it as he did — the thing was enormous. He waved goodbye to mommy and there we were, two dudes in the middle of the country in search of an adventure.

With the temperature a blustery 40° and clouds covering most of the sky, we knew where we were going — shopping. I wanted to go to the playground but the winds were howling and both Nolan and I had boogies dripping out of our noses. We got the necessary bounty while out shopping to complete Lindsay’s anniversary gift — it’s a three part gift. We got home and had some lunch, watched a little Mickey Mouse Club House and some Big Block Singsong, a short little song about random things which I find rather amusing. Nolan, however, hated them and was scared to death of them until he saw the one yesterday about a rapping owl. He went down for a nap and it was time to relax.

Linds finally got to her destination and we got to see her via FaceTime, which assured Nolan that everything was going to be alright. From time to time, he has a breakdown when one of us is gone. Crisis averted.

Today we went over to a local farm for a playgroup for the first time, since we was previously relegated to navigating through the neighborhood. He had a great time tooling around with like 30 other kids and the best part was it’s free. Damn right! I also discovered that there are nature hiking trails around the farm that we may have to hit up a little more often, weather permitting.

He had a great time playing and singing songs.

Itsy Bitsy Spider singalong
Itsy Bitsy Spider singalong

He’s upstairs napping which allows me to get back to writing, something I’ve gotten away from a bit.

On to my next order of business and something I have never done — Black Friday shopping.

I was just perusing Yahoo!’s home page and came across an article titled, “Nine Products to Not Buy on Black Friday” and took a look. Here’s the list for those of you too lazy or uninterested to click through.

  1. Toys
  2. Winter clothing
  3. Holiday decorations
  4. Higher-end HDTV
  5. Electronic accessories
  6. Fitness equipment
  7. Home improvement supplies and tools
  8. Gas grills
  9. Automotive supplies

This leads to one question. What the hell should we buy? Seems like an awful lot of things are not really as discounted as I though. Oh well, looks like another Black Friday I won’t be participating in.

Have a great hump day.

Good day!

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