Obligatory Thanksgiving Post

It’s been quite a while gallivanting here and there throughout the northeast and Nolan enjoyed all of it, from the traffic heading to Long Island at 10:00 pm on a Tuesday night to a ferry ride on Sunday night.

casual lunch

Thanksgiving seemed to last forever but it was a good time – lots of family, food, and football.

Now for a Bucket List item that was never on my BL to begin with but I’ll cross it off anyway – I took in the high school version of “The Game” – Martha’s Vineyard vs. Nantucket. The Vineyarders took home the win (14-0) and the Island Cup for the 10th straight year. Both teams are mediocre at best this year (MV came in 4-6, Nantucket 5-5) but no one told the kids playing – there seems to be some disdain for one another, probably arguing over who drives better cars and has better hair. Around 1600 fans braved the elements for a game being played after the season for nothing more than bragging rights!

It was a long day that started with a 5:45 am wake up call (allowing me to catch this sunrise below) and a 7:00 am ferry to Nantucket (it’s a 2 hour ride). I opted to forego the JV game or breakfast and a walk to Cumberland Farms (my first of many trips) to get a hot chocolate/coffee combination cup.

not a bad sunrise
not a bad sunrise on MV

Thankfully, I was bundled up like Randy from ‘A Christmas Story‘ – it was frigid when the sun went behind the clouds.

my best Randy impersonation
my best Randy impersonation

The score was only 14-0 but it was actually entertaining to watch. It’s been a while since I’ve been to a high school football game (like 14 years or so).

live action!
live action!

After the game, we walked back to the ferry to head back over to Martha’s Vineyard. Got to take in a solid sunset from Nantucket just 10 hours after my sunrise views on MV.

later Nantucket
later Nantucket

It seemed like every single fire engine on the entire island of Martha’s Vineyard had their lights on and horns blaring welcoming back the victors (along with several hundred fans who didn’t make the trip). Truth be told, at least one engine from each town on the island was there. It truly was like they had just conquered the island of Nantucket and claimed it as their own. Nolan was at the dock waiting for us taking in the sights and sounds of this spectacle.

lights and sirens
lights and sirens

A few hours later, we were on a ferry back to the mainland to a life more ordinary.

Musical Fruit Chili tonight, woooooooo!

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