At the Storrs for the Day

As I navigate my day away from work but at work with my wife, Nolan is surely navigating his way to the play room at the house with my mother-in-law, the snow continues to come down here in Storrs.

On Twitter, I saw a post initially responded to by NBC news’ Jeff Saperstone regarding windshield wipers. Interestingly enough, it sparked quite a debate–both in my head and on the Twittersphere–about whether or not it’s a good idea to lit them away from the windshield while snow comes down and your car will be parked for several hours.

I am guilty of raising my wipers today but am far from religious about such practice. Ryan Hanrahan, my trusted meteorologist, says no true New Englander does this, and he’s probably right, but I’m not a native so my New Englander card will not be revoked.

Initially, I was going to head back and put them down but then realized I didn’t care. I think it matters more if your car is going to be parked for days and there’s a possibility of icing but for two to four inches of snow, I’m ok with leaving them up for a few hours, even if it means my New Englander application will be pushed back a few years.

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