The Repeater: A Lesson to Parents

I know parents to youngsters, like me, have heard it a million times, “watch what you say around your kid(s)!”

I’ve brushed this off many times but now that Nolan is almost three years-old, it’s becoming more and more evident that kids are indeed human sponges. Not just to dirt and germs, but words as well.

I was driving home earlier today and called some lady who cut me off — and whose car had shelves of snow on top that immediately lifted and flew on to my car — a “fat pig.” I changed lanes and got around the swine and immediately upon passing her, I hear “hey bat pig” from the back seat. I look back and he’s grinning ear to ear.

I laughed a little before explaining to Nolan that she wasn’t a fat pig, in fact she wasn’t even a she, it was a man. I promptly reminded him that he should always clear the snow off the top of his car, especially since it’s a $150 fine in Connecticut if you get caught being lazy.

A little further down the road, an 18-wheeler had sheets of snow flying off the roof of his trailer but I refrained from reprimanding him with some derogatory name, instead allowing myself a car buffer. The car in front of me proceeded to bear the brunt of many sheets of falling snow across his windshield. I then looked in my rear view mirror after seeing something bright out of the corner of my eye and saw another car with d snow on the roof. The snow on her car was spraying the car behind her with snow and ice. I shook my head — as did the repeater in the back seat.

Lesson(s) to be learned here? First, kids will repeat everything and anything you say. Second, this $150 fine shenanigans is indeed just that. Cops don’t seem to give a crap about flying snow off the top of cars or trucks, thus promoting the laziness that plagues this country.

Do everyone else a favor and clean the snow off your car.


6 thoughts on “The Repeater: A Lesson to Parents

  1. I wouldnt think you would have anything to worry about. You usually speak so gently.

    Brayden picked up on someone saying ” im sick of your shit” on tv. That was a fun night.

    1. thanks man, i appreciate the kind words … Nolan has an infatuation with the song Gas Pedal whose lyrics include “wiggle like you tryna make your ass fall off,” which gets him running extremely fast – surprisingly he has yet to repeat this.

  2. I can’t count thr times I have had to stop and think so that I wouldn’t say something around the kid that he shouldn’t hear. They do repeat anything and everything that you say or have said in the last year.

    1. he remembers the damndest things too, like nonsensical stuff from three weeks ago, when i said we’d go ice skating. we will go soon enough!

  3. I love this! It’s been a hot topic around here lately too. The other day 3-yr-old asked big sis if she was “coming to the cats birthday?” We don’t have a cat!… She had overheard me complaining the night before about someone expecting a “pity [kitty] party”. Haha. Ry, I think we might be screwed in this department lol thanks for the laugh!! …and the reminder about brushing off the car 😉

    1. i guess it could be worse…i said something the other day like “what a bitch, who says that?” and he promptly replied “what a beech, who ded dat” – whatever, they’ve gotta learn it sometimes, better from us phenomenal parents!

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