Daily Numbers

It’s been quite some time since I’ve scribed here at SAHFA so I figured why not now!? After all, March Madness is upon us and everyone is deciding who to pick in their tournament bracket. The 12 over the 5? The recently commonplace 13 over 4?

With that, I’ll get to my daily numbers. No, I’m not talking lottery numbers, we’re too damn poor to piss our money away playing lotto (though those scratch tickets are quite tempting). I’m talking about numbers related to things Nolan did or didn’t do.

33 – straight minutes we listened to Mickey’s Countdown

6 – times I was headbutted in either the nose/head/eye

5 – times he asked for a “special treat,” as if he decides when he gets said treat (down from 42 times a day ago)

124 – minutes he napped today

3 – times he demolished his train track and prefaced it with “uh oh”

Here’s to better days ahead with less headbutting and fewer special treats.

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