Hurricane Nolan’s TV March Madness Bracket

March Madness is here and while everyone out there is filling in their bracket, I thought I’d set one up for Hurricane Nolan (this is what I did today during his nap).He’s too young to know about the NCAA Tournament and all that crap but sometimes he’ll sit back and check out a little television. Occasionally, basketball captures his attention but most of the time it’s Disney Junior!

nolan S golf

Generally, his television watching is relegated to breakfast time and after dinner for one show a night. He has his favorites (the #1 and #2 seeds) and his not so favorites (mainly because they’re 5-minute shorts).

For the first round, I’ll read him the day’s game and he’ll (hopefully) respond with an answer instead of a grunt, which will obviously determine who moves on. For the Elite Eight (April 1st) and Final Four (April 2nd), I’ll ask him to pick the entire slate of games. The Championship Game will be held on April 4th in the living room.

Feel free to print off and fill out your bracket, keep track of Hurricane’s bracket, or print it out for your own child (just click the bracket for full-size image). Or don’t if you’re a lame-o.

It’s likely not going chalk so don’t just pick the higher seed. It’s true madness.

The tourney tips off tomorrow, March 20th, whenever he finishes lunch. I’ll post the updated bracket soon thereafter so you can keep up to date and give a brief recap of the day’s game.

Good luck to all who enter. The winner(s) receives nothing except the satisfaction of knowing which show he randomly likes best on any given day. For what it’s worth (nothing?!?), Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is the 4:1 favorite to win it all followed by Ella the Elephant at 9:2.

Here’s the printable bracket with complete schedule below.


Thursday, 3/20: #8 Doc Files vs. #1 Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

Friday, 3/21: #8 Small Potatoes vs. #1 Jake and the Never Land Pirates

Monday, 3/24: #7 Bite-Sized Adventures of Sam Sandwich vs. #2 Octonauts

Tuesday, 3/25:  #7 Big Block Singsong vs. #2 Ella the Elephant

Wednesday, 3/26: #6 Henry Hugglemonster vs. #3 Sofia the First

Thursday, 3/27: #6 Choo-Choo Soul vs. #3 Sheriff Callie’s Wild West

Friday, 3/28: #5 Little Einsteins vs. #4 Doc McStuffins

Monday, 3/31: #5 Thomas and Friends vs. #4 Chuggington


Tuesday, 4/1


Wednesday, 4/2


Friday, 4/4

2 thoughts on “Hurricane Nolan’s TV March Madness Bracket

  1. Big Block Sing Song a lower seed than Choo-Choo Soul?!?! That’s the worse seeding snafu I have seen since Louisville/Manhattan! Small Potatoes should be a higher seed than Choo-Choo Soul (IMHO)!

    1. He loves the Owl on BBSS and is kind of over Genevieve and Choo-Choo Soul…other than that, there’s some tasty matchups including the “Train Battle” and Doc vs. Little Einsteins

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