Hurricane’s March Madness: Results, Day 6

The selection committee did a phenomenal job with these seedings as yet another favorite advanced to the Elite Eight. No. 3-seed Sheriff Callie’s Wild West sent 6-seed Choo-Choo Soul chugging down the track with a convincing win in a game that many, including myself, thought would go the other way. Toby was the player of the game after his repeated incidental contact freed him up in the lane every trip down the court.

The bracket has gone chalk, which is always boring, but maybe tomorrow’s 4-vs-5 matchup will stir it up a little. It opened with 5-seed Little Einsteins a slight favorite over 4-seed Doc McStuffins but the line has ballooned since the bracket was revealed. Apparently, Doc McStuffins isn’t a real doctor so sources are looking into her credibility. A suspension to the key player would be devastating.

Here’s a look at the updated bracket.

Nolan TV Tourney Day 6

Tomorrow it’s looking like our first “upset” might take place but I wouldn’t be shocked of Doc makes a game of it. Stay tuned!

2 thoughts on “Hurricane’s March Madness: Results, Day 6

  1. Not so subtle Masiello reference…

    Thanks for not including Special Agent Oso. He stinks. Though I sometime enjoy Handy Manny’s School for Tools (not the whole show).

    1. haha you liked that reference, huh? so subtlety in my game — he has seen Manny a few times but not enough to warrant a bid to the tourney…MMCH is going to run away with it i think

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