Hurricane’s March Madness: Results, Day 8

Stop the presses, another upset (as I had hoped, considering we are heading to the Essex Steam Train’s “Day Out with Thomas” thrill ride), as 5-seed Thomas and Friends derailed 4-seed Chuggington.

The Railroad Rivalry was as advertised as both Thomas and Chuggington gave it their best shot, but the little blue engine ultimately pulled away for the win.

It’s weird, really, because he hasn’t watched a whole lot of Thomas lately while, thanks to his 6:15 am wakeup calls, has caught a few episodes of Chuggington lately. Hey, a win’s a win.

And with that, we made it through the first round of the tournament.

Here’s a look at the updated bracket.

Nolan TV Tourney Day 8Tomorrow, every one of the four Elite Eight games will be played, so stay tuned.

In the meantime, go watch/stream/track some baseball, it’s Opening Day!


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