Hurricane’s March Madness: Results, Day 10

Yesterday was a shit show, I had a killer migraine all day and Hurricane wasn’t feeling too hot either, so we postponed the Final Four games until today.

After spending the morning enjoying the awesome weather by gallivanting around the park and running amok on the basketball court, we came home and ate some lunch before deciding who would advance to the Championship Game.

photo (2)

The matchup for tomorrow’s title game is #1 Mickey Mouse Clubhouse vs. #2 Ella the Elephant. It’s no surprise how MMCH got here but Ella was a bit of a surprise over perennial power Thomas and Friends. The game features two teams with contrasting styles of play — MMCH plays an up-and-down style while Ella prefers to slow it down into a half-court game.

Here’s a look at the updated bracket.

Nolan TV Tourney Day 10

It’s anyone’s guess who’ll come out the champion tomorrow, but house money says it’ll be the men and women from Mickey’s clubhouse.

(apparently this was my 100th post on SAHFA, so thanks to everyone who has read, ignored, blocked, or enjoyed the first 100 posts. here’s to 100 more)

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