Hurricane’s March Madness: Results, Championship Monday


Was there every any doubt we’d eventually get to the end of this tournament? OK, maybe a little. In any event, we’ve got a winner — and it’s exactly who you should’ve taken from the get-go: Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

Ella the Elephant put up a hell of a fight but ultimately Mickey and Friends ceased and destroyed, as they did with every opponent they faced throughout the tourney.

The tournament MVP was none other than Goofy.

Here’s a look at the final bracket as your 2014 champion has been crowned.

Nolan TV Tourney Day 11

Congrats to the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse!

Brackets are pretty entertaining, it’s hard to believe they only really make an appearance once a year. Maybe I’ll make it a frequent thing here, but this Disney Junior television tournament is definitely a once-a-calendar event.

Give me your thoughts/ideas for another tournament.


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