I’m back…at even strength (for now)

It’s been a while since I last written here on SAHFA – we bought a house and have been in the process of making it a home and we’ve added a new addition to the family on Mother’s Day – another boy, Graham, to be referred to as G, Grahambo, or the new guy on the blog.

Here’s a pic:

G-Unit and Babado (Nolan's made up word of which we've yet to figure out the meaning)
G and Babado (Nolan’s made up word of which we’ve yet to figure out the meaning)

So for the time being, thanks to the wifester being on a nice 12-week maternity leave, we’re at even strength doing the man-to-man defense thing. THANK GOD!

Everyone here is doing great though G has been a little challenging (lots of crying) from the get-go, but she reminds me that Hurricane was the same way early on and now he kicks ass (I was away a lot due to coaching). It took both of us (Grahambo and I) a few weeks to warm up to one another but we’ve finally established a connection.

When we moved, we rid ourselves of an astronomical cable/internet bill – we’re currently streaming using the Roku Stick. For Linds, she misses Bravo and the Real Housewives of Wherever thought she’s adjusting quite well. For Nolan it means that only a few episodes of each of his favorite Disney shows are available but he can care less, he’ll watch the same one over and over and over (not in one sitting, mind you). He gets one show either before or after his bath prior to bed each night and he typically picks either a Handy Manny or a Little Einsteins. The same damn episode for either show. For Handy Manny, it’s Bingo Night and for Little Einsteins it’s Rocket Soup.


cheese, peas, musical jumping beans

Rocket freakin’ Soup – Leo and the gang need to find cheese, peas, and musical jumping beans to make rocket soup so Rocket can regain his energy. After 100+ times watching it, it still blows my mind that a rocket ship needs actual human soup to fuel itself. The beans are quite elusive and somehow jump all the way to Jupiter, but fear not, Rocket gets Leo, June, Annie, and Quincy there thanks to their endless clapping and patting. Reality television. Linds and I read or tend to G and pay little to no attention to the show since we’ve seen it so many times. Anyway, she looks up and asks, “have they gone to Jupiter yet to get the beans?” Yep, that’s where we’re at.

We just gave the new guy a bath, Linds fed him, and we put him to bed (for hopefully 6 to 7 hours) which means one thing – I am losing out on valuable sleep in order to keep my faithful following abreast as to my life and whereabouts.

It was good to be back, I was reinvigorated by one of Linds’ coworkers Becky (Unbecomingmom), who recently began blogging as she looks towards life without a child in the house (her only child/daughter is off to college in 400-something days). Also, Alana (Butlerish) kicks some serious tail with the musings on her site, so I figured since they’re some of our closest compadres, I needed to keep up with the Joneses.

Off to bed.

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