Do any three-year-olds listen?

Today’s post is brought to you by the word “no.”

Hurricane just turned three – well it was over two months ago – and one thing Wifester and I noticed towards the end of his twos was that he was becoming a little more defiant, more oppositional, more “independent,” if you will.

Every parent of soon-to-be parent has heard of the “terrible twos.” The Unit showed no signs of this from months 13-22, but it showed up eventually. It was weird because I saw an article written by Sarah Fader right around the time when he began turning into an a-hole. The article’s title can be seen in it’s entirety by clicking the link.

“No” became a staple in his vocabulary and he certainly did whatever the hell he pleased despite being asked not to do something or another by me and/or Linds. It’s kind of spilled over into his threes, which brings us to present day, June, 2014.

the Unit trying to calm down the New Guy
the Unit trying to calm down the New Guy

He still acts like a bull in a China shop quite often but he’s getting better at listening. When he doesn’t listen and we try to get his attention, he throws a tantrum (or whatever he’s holding at the moment) and even lets out a hell-raising, ear-piercing scream. It takes everything I have not to bust out laughing at his reaction, but I keep it together so he knows we’re serious.

Right. Right?

He’s not not listening because of the New Guy, he’s actually starting to pay some attention to him, which is good to see. He says name a lot and talks about him more than, “uh-oh, he’s doing it again!” (“it” being crying).

I just crushed a two mile run (it’s hilly as hell where we live, cut me some slack) and am watching the previous episode of MasterChef while Lindsay catches up on her Real Housewives on the computer with a glass of wine in bed.

Drinking in bed, a fete last attempted when we were DINKs (dual income, no kids). Those were some good days but I wouldn’t trade in being these two dudes’ dad for anything.

Time for me to call it a night.

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