The Wifester and the Real Housewives; SAHD thoughts

Unfortunately for the Wifester, it’s not looking like she’ll ever live the life portrayed by the Real Housewives of New York/Atlanta/Orange County/New Jersey but don’t get all, “Oh, you deadbeat, go get a job and let her become a housewife.”

There are more Housewives’ shows but the names elude me, but Linds, she’s a fine-tuned machine when it comes to keeping up with these TV jagaloons. Because we no longer have cable, we no longer gets Bravo, which is the network all those shows air on. We’ve subscribed to Hulu Plus (for $8/month) but unfortunately (for her) they don’t make the seasons available until the next one has begun, so she needs — and I emphasis the word NEEDS — to keep up-to-date on her Housewives. She’s gone so far as to compile a list she refers to that includes the particular show that’s currently on-air and the most recent episode numbers so she can go to and watch. It’s an addiction but there’s worse things out there.

Back to real life. Does she deserve a chance to stay at home and raise the boys? You bet your ass she does, she’s a great mother, an awesome wife, as caring and generous a person as I’ve ever met. However, the cards we’re playing involve me at home raising these two dudes — in August the true test will begin as she’ll head back to work. Now that we’re closer to her job, she’ll be able to see them more during the week. At our last stop, her commute was about 75 minutes each way so she missed a lot; at least now we’re 12-14 minutes from work so I can make impromptu and unannounced visits at random.

Do I enjoy staying home? Hell yes. Some days I want to get back out there but it usually fades when I calculate the cost of day care. I might look into a part-time thing nights and/or weekends so supplement some income, but it’s a blessing to be able to be a stay-at-home parent, let along a stay-at-home dad. When I used to be out with the dude (soon to be dudes), I got looks like, “What’s this guy doing, doesn’t he work?” No one ever actually said that to me, but the looks by some of these stay-at-home moms suggested that sentiment.

My response (would be): “You do you, don’t worry about me. I got this.”

I’m not on a mission to badmouth any one group or person but it really seems SAHDs don’t get enough credit and aren’t taken seriously. Just because I have a Y chromosome doesn’t mean I’m not capable of raising a kid. I can cook, too (thankfully, since Linds isn’t the most adept in the kitchen — pasta and cereal are her specialties).

Time to watch some of this NBA Draft crap so I can listen to these ESPN goons not named Jay Bilas spout off about inane bullshit. Don’t get me started on Bill Simmons, dude referenced his YouTube research of several players already drafted. Next thing you know he’ll learn to be a coach by reading a book or something.

It’s humid and I’m getting all worked up, time to cash out.

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