Pizza and iced coffee; coffee mugs and wine glasses



They’re once again napping at the same time and as a treat, I’m having both leftover pizza and a giant iced coffee for lunch while I listen to the Tigers-Yankees game on MLB TV. Yes, that’s right, listen. Because of the area I’m in, New England, I can not watch Yankees or Mets games even though I paid my discounted rate of $24.99 for the premium package. I caught some of the Rays-A’s game yesterday and a bit of the Reds game as well, and seeing how unexciting the Yankees have been of late, I’m not really all that bummed.

Today’s morning consisted of a trip to Target to get liquid gold freezer bags, a loaf of bread, three gigantic boxes of cereal, and a pound bag of Haribo Gummi Bears.

After that, we took a little trip to Home Goods to look for a few things but came away empty.

Then it was a short stroll to Price Chopper to get a steak for dinner but their cuts were pretty crappy so I picked up some pork chops that I plan on slathering with BBQ sauce and grilling.

While at the supermarket, the old woman in front of us in the “20 Items of Less Express Lane” was carded while trying to buy cough syrup and reminded by the dimwitted cashier that, “There’s alcohol in it so I’m going to need to punch in your birthday.” The older woman responded with, “4/18/1931, before your parents were even born!” BAM! Only issue was she had about 30 things, which really chapped my ass, but she was sharp-tongued with a solid response. She then asked how long she had to redeem her 70 cents off gas points, which led to a three minute conversation all the while the other lanes were just churning out customers. It took me ten minutes to check out — I was third in line — but it was worth it.

The pizza is almost done and it just dawned on me — whenever I unload our dishwasher, coffee mugs and wine glasses take up roughly 85% of the top shelf space. I guess having two kids will do that.


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