Connecticut At-Home Dads Group (I hope)

I know my audience is few and far between and those of you who read or browse through my posts are not stay-at-home or work-at-home dads, but this is a post for those of you that are, might know someone who is, or will be in the near-future.

It seems lots of other towns, cities, and states have dads groups, as is evident by the “Find a Dad Group” link featured on There are groups in cities like New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Omaha, to name a few. I know these are metro areas and I’m here in rural Connecticut hoping to catch lightning in a bottle, but that doesn’t mean that there shouldn’t be a group for all the Connecticut at-home dads.

I’ve found a few stale sites and groups on the old Facebook but most haven’t been updated in some time and never seemed to be a regular thing, maybe because of lack of interest or dedication or because they just gave up on it after a few days/weeks/months.

So there I went, starting a Facebook group for Connecticut At-Home Dads, aptly titled “Connecticut At-Home Dads.” I know is probably the best and most legit site for putting together group meetings, but being that we’re surviving here on one income, it’s not really feasible for me.

I’m hoping it catches on since I’ve now got two sons now, I’m likely to go bat-shit crazy if they’re the only ones I’m speaking to. I am not saying that dads who work and support their families aren’t good dudes, they’re great dudes, but this is a group designed to bring together dads who spend their “work week” at home with their kid(s).

It’s in it’s infant stages (see what I did there?) but I’m hopeful we can grow this into something successful as an outlet for at-home dads to get together/bond/commiserate about/with their kids and/or bullshit about whatever we feel like bullshitting about, because as hard as I try, Unit can’t quite keep a conversation about baseball in the American League West.

Any kind of advice or help or a point in the right direction would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

– Ryan

3 thoughts on “Connecticut At-Home Dads Group (I hope)

  1. You may have already thought of this, but you could start a separate blog for the “CT At Home Dads”. You could self host it, using Blue Host, GoDaddy, or something like that, or just pay WordPress the $20 or so to get the free standing website url. If you use WordPress, the advantage is that at least you’d get some activity through the WordPress search feature. Then search out all the SAHD’s on wordpress and tell them about the site.

    Good luck, I’ve found that there are millions of Moms out there, but not very many of the Dads seem to be very social!

    1. It’s tough sledding Pete, trying to get a SAHD group going here in CT but I’m trying. Got a Twitter handle, a Facebook page and a Facebook group, it’s been connecting to some but you’re right, the search feature through WordPress may not be a bad idea, get a dedicated site name, just don’t have $$ to throw around though, single income. You can sponsor it if you’d like haha

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