20 questions from the backseat

Kids will be kids and three-year-olds — ours, anyway — incessantly barks out orders or ask questions from the back seat. Today’s trip home from Target featured a barrage of questions from the always-inquisitive Unit. Here’s a sampling of questions (by him) and answers (by me).

  • Unit: “Daddy, do motorcyles have homes, too?”
  • Me: “Yes th…”
  • Unit: “Daddy, is they, daddy, is they going to their home now?”
  • Me: “Yeah I think he’s headed home.”
  • Unit: “Daddy, is he nice?”
  • Me: “He looks like a nice enough guy, yeah.”
  • Unit: “Daddy, are all motorcycle guys nice?”
  • Me: “Most of them are but just like all people, some aren’t so nice.”
  • Unit: “Daddy, are we going to hit every red light?”
  • Me: “It sure seems like we are, huh? Maybe the next…”
  • Unit: “It’s green, daddy, it turned green!”
  • Me: “It’s about time.”
  • Unit: “Is this the longest light ever, daddy?”
  • Me: “No, that’s not the longest light ever, we avoided that one today.”
  • Unit: “Daddy, why, daddy why did we aboid it?”
  • Me: “Because we went a different way home.”
  • Unit: “Why did we go a different way?”
  • Me: “To change it  up a bit, variety is the spice of life.”
  • Unit: “Is life spicy, daddy? Is it too spicy?”
  • Me: “No, it’s not too spicy, life doesn’t really taste spicy.”
  • Unit: “How many turns do we have to get home?”
  • Me: “We make a left, a right, a right, then a left into our driveway.”
  • Unit: “Daddy, is our driveway long?”
  • Me: “Not really.”
  • Me: “Look, we’re home.”
  • Unit: “Look daddy, we’re home.”

And cut. All the while, G slept in his carseat until we came to a stop in the driveway, which for the record, is about 45′ long. They’re both asleep as I type and I have just downed my second 24 oz. iced coffee of the day. Any minute they’ll wake up and the house will once again turn into a Wipeout course, with me being the main obstacle.

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