Stay-At-Home Dad Hashtag Search: #ThanksDad

The boys are both napping, so in an attempt to post regular columns about stay-at-home dadding, I thought about checking out a new hashtag (# for those of you under a rock) every week and then compiling what I feel are some of the best tweets containing said hashtag. They’ll be tweets relating to being a dad.

(Part of the reason I’m attempting to take this on now is because there are no day baseball games on right now.)

Before delving into a Twitter wormhole, I’ll guess that most are legit thanking their dads while a smattering are being sarcastic trying to get a laugh.

This week’s hashtag: #ThanksDad.

1. A baseball themed tweet about the Atlanta Braves and bobbleheads:

2. This guy will never forget that one night at SummerSlam:

3. This dad can rock out thanks to his dad:

4. Letting dad borrow her car turned out pretty well for Sally here:

5. Somehow, I think Kayla’s life is full of drama:

6. Who Dat Nation!

7. I hope they lose to my A’s but that’s nice of dad:

8. Sounds like a good meal to me, well worthy of the hashtag:

9. You’re a direct representation of your parents, act accordingly. Dad must be a ho:

10. Tin Can scores with an assist from dad:

G is beginning to awake from his nap so I’ve gotta get going, but have a great weekend everyone, and be safe. I, for one, am looking forward to spending a three-day weekend with my family. Remember, safety has no holiday!

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