My baby product buying conundrum is OVER

If you read my blog, you know I’m a stay-at-home dad to two boys and I write with a lot little bit of snark and choice words (at times). I write mostly about everyday happenings in my life, all of which is real and some of which is humorous. Occasionally, I review a product. This is such an occasion.

I’ll tell you what’s not so funny: making a decision on what the heck hygiene product to buy your kids when you’re at the store. Whether you’re looking for kids’ body lotion, bath wash, shampoo, butt cream, or baby powder, the decision to pull the trigger may (or may not) take a while. If you’re like me, when you first got home from the hospital with your brand new tiny human, his/her best interests immediately went ahead of yours. I wanted them using products with all-natural ingredients (where we could afford it) that was good for them even though I didn’t use such things. I also did an inordinate amount of online product review reading. Fortunately, my decision on what to use for our newest addition, G, was made when I was put in touch with the people at Just Hatched on the almighty Twittersphere. (I don’t think they were around when Unit was born back in 2011.)

If I recall correctly, they were looking for opinions from stay-at-home dads and I fit the bill, so I reached out. A few weeks later, after exchanging some tweets and emails, I get a package at my doorstep filled with swag from JH. Naturally, I opened it and BAM!!, there it was, in all it’s glory — full-sized samples for me to try at home for the kids (and me) and some to bring on-the-go as well. I’m an honest guy and I tell it like it is, and this stuff is legit. The number of SAHDs is growing and if you’re a dad with a 9-to-5 and want to impress your wife with some knowledge of a product that is good for your kids, keep reading.)

full-size swag (with some travel-size to boot)
full-size swag (with some travel-size to boot)

Who is Just Hatched? They go by the mantra (and hashtag) #NoYuckyStuff, so go check that out when you get a minute. Their products are sulfate/paraben/phthalate-free so it’s good for baby’s soft skin (and probably your older, less soft skin) and they’ve got prices that’ll beat any “major” brand you use now.

Literally 20 minutes after I opened the package, I heard an explosion in G’s diaper. It was quite daunting to think about since it was 90° outside with 100% humidity and it was his first deposit of the day. I mentally prepared for what was in store and went in for the clean. The sound was deceiving, it wasn’t as bad as I thought (too much information?) but I did notice a bit of a rash, whether it was from the diaper or heat I’m not sure, but I reached to try some of the “Butter My Bottom Tushy Cream,” sounds manly to say, right? I typically have used Boudreaux’s Butt Paste and had a tube ready to go but gave the newbie’s stuff a chance. It spreads rather nicely and smelled pretty good too and when all was said and done, a few hours later, the rash had almost entirely gone away. I nabbed the elusive smiling photo of a rather serious 3-month-old, right after applying the cream. (I was happy too, the stuff was free and even when it’s not, it’s still $4 cheaper than Boudreaux’s.)

that is a smile, right?
that is a smile, right?

For the record, Unit hates getting his hair wet, like screams-so-loud-stuff-falls-off-the-wall hnviate. He agreed — begrudgingly — to try some of the “Sleepy Baby Wash” we got in the mail. Now, in the picture, he may seem unimpressed but I assure you he actually said to Wifester, “Mommy, I smell gooood!” And he was right, his hair was wet, and he smelled good. I’m not sure if we can convince him two nights in a row to get his hair wet but I’m not really sure he needs his hair washed today. (I didn’t use the shampoo, big deal).

he is actually happy. and he smells good.
he is actually happy. and he smells good.

Is this some biased review because they sent me some free product? Hardly. If it wasn’t good stuff, I’d tell you straight up, “It isn’t good stuff.” But it is. Will I keep using it? You better believe it. Will I use it after I blow through all of my free samples? Yes.

Again, I only used the baby wash and the tushy cream but I am pleased with the results — it smells good, the kids seemed to like it, and it’s good for them to use. I linked up their website so you can check it out but if you don’t believe me, Google it, I’m sure the results will back up my endorsement.

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