Teeth 1, Graham 0

No, he doesn’t have teeth…yet…but there is no denying that when a baby begins teething (and he has), it’s going to be a rough few days/weeks/months(?).

Unit, he wasn’t bad, he toughed it out and just stayed on the straight and narrow when his teeth came in. There were no few sleepless nights, no interrupted afternoon naps, no incessant crying. And for this I am thankful, however, I wasn’t home with him full-time when he first cut his first teeth.

This time around, with G-Unit, I think the teeth are in the 10-day forecast of popping through, and he is letting out an all-out verbal assault on my eardrums. The tops of his lower gum aren’t showing the whitish coloring but the front of his gums are — God I hope the teeth don’t come outta there!

He has Sophie the ($25 ripoff) Giraffe – he’ll fumble with it for a few minutes, entertain himself with it by placing a foot or ear in his mouth, then discard and cry.

He has a frozen rattle ring thing – I have to hold it in the general vicinity of his mouth, occasionally pressing it every-so-lightly onto his lower gums, but after 12 seconds, he’s over it. Commence crying.

He has two fists – they always seem to find their way into his mouth which often times prompts a gag and sometimes even a puke. Drool soaks everything but the crying eventually starts.

Am I complaining about him crying, no, don’t misconstrue it as that. I feel bad for the kid and I wish, for him (and a little bit for me) that he had it as easy as Unit did, but he doesn’t.

In the meantime, on Mondays and Tuesdays after Unit goes to school, I will continue to go for walks with my headphones on; a walk because fresh air soothes him to an extent and headphones to drown out the crying when he gets all worked up.

Here’s to you teeth, popping the hell through. I know it’ll be a small victory since it’s likely only one or two teeth and this will surely happen another handful+ of times.

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