Dear Parents Magazine: Dads may want to ‘look good’ too!

No dads I know care about leopard print shoes or flowy pants.
No dads I know care about leopard print or flowy pants.

Dear Parents Magazine,

Let me preface this by saying that I, a stay-at-home dad, love Parents Magazine, but you’re are a little short-sighted when it comes to one particular aspect of your magazine: ‘Looking Good.’ The following is just my opinion and nothing more so take from it what you will.

I’ll admit, I don’t spend a whole hell of a lot of time looking in the mirror before I step out the door but I also don’t go out in public with sweatpants and a ripped up old t-shirt on. Being at home with two kids — one three years-old, the other 4 months-old — I do dress like that inside the walls of our home, but when I go outside, 96% of the time, my teeth are brushed, I’m showered, look presentable, and smell pretty OK.

And just because I don’t spend my time keeping abreast of the latest trends or reading the most recent issue of GQ doesn’t mean I don’t like to be informed. In fact, I am totally uniformed as to what the hell style is nowadays, my focus is on my wife and kids.

When I flip through the pages of Parents, I always get to the ‘Looking Good‘ section and see in-style patterns, accessories, and shoes, among other things. What I don’t see — or at least don’t remember seeing — is a time when this section was aimed to men, more specifically, dads. Who’s to say we don’t want to look good and current when we travel with our brood in public? (This coming from a dad who’s sitting here at 8:33PM on a Wednesday in shorts, a ripped t-shirt, and crew socks writing about wanting to see a one-page piece directed towards dads about fashion.)

I get that moms are the ones who give birth to children and that if it weren’t for them, Parents Magazine might cease to exist, but dads have just as much to do with said children as moms. And I also get that moms like to look nice and pretty and avoid (de)evolving into moms who are cruising around rocking mom jeans with a scrunchie in their hair. Dads — and I’m speaking from a stay-at-home dad’s perspective — need help too! (I wouldn’t be surprised if mom jeans are in style again.)

I mean after all, Parents Magazine is one of the three magazines I actually read so I’d love to get my fashion advice from you. My wife’s Us Weekly (for the gossip) and Self (for the recipes) are the others.

Maybe I missed the time you did direct ‘Looking Good‘ towards men but if you don’t mind, maybe try it again?

In this month’s issue, there are five things listed in this section and exactly zero have anything to do with dads. Here’s the list as seen above:

  1. Leopard Print: the only leopard print I’d consider for myself is a pair of these leopard print Vans.
  2. Flowy Pants: are sweatpants considered “flowy?”
  3. Stripes: plenty of waffle t’s and polos with stripes, so I guess I’m good here.
  4. Metallic Flats: I suppose I can pull off metallic Oxford but it’d look kinda odd with jeans on, no?
  5. Bold Accessories: you mean my camo Diaper Dude doesn’t qualify as a bold accessory?

In other words, none of this helps me as a stay-at-home dad.

All I am trying to convey here is that I’d like, just once, to see this section of your magazine dedicated to dads’ fashion. Like I said, maybe I missed it or maybe you ran it in your June issue, seeing how Father’s Day is in June. But if not, maybe soon, maybe in 2014? Dads may enjoy knowing what’s cool too!

Besides that, the rest of your publication is great and I’m looking forward to the November issue!


Ryan Darcy

4 thoughts on “Dear Parents Magazine: Dads may want to ‘look good’ too!

    1. Kim, let me tell you something, I am wearing Crocs, white crew socks, a Syracuse t-shirt that has both puke and snot on it, and a pair of jeans…it ain’t pretty but even a little bit of help from a mom-centric magazine would help. That’s what it seems Parents is, anyway.

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